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Decorating with a Colour Scheme

If you love a traditional Christmas you may love to gather all your Christmas decorations together in all their varied colours and themes, this works as it brings together everything your love about Christmas, including long treasured mementoes and decorations from Christmases past. However, if you're just starting to build a collection of Christmas decorations, you may want to build it around a colour or theme. You can create a colour scheme that represents traditional Christmas colours (like red, green and gold) or perhaps a colour scheme that will match  your existing home décor.

A great starting point when building your decorations is to think about the colour scheme first. Here are some tips to help you decide on a colour scheme for you:  

Childhood Christmas Memories

If you have happy memories from past Christmases try to choose a colour theme to enhance that memory. If you loved all the candy canes, choose a red and white colour scheme. Did your tree have silver tinsel laid beautifully over it? Perhaps a glittery silver theme will help bring that memory back to life. With a beautiful collection of glass baubles and ornaments now available, your choice of colours is only limited by your own desire and imagination.  

A Beloved Christmas Decoration

Do you have special Christmas decoration that would make a beautiful focal point? If so, create a colour scheme that draws upon the colours in the decoration. Christmas is the perfect time to give these items a place of distinction, as well as to enjoy and share them.


Christmas decorating is always enhanced by adding ribbons and bows. If you find a ribbon that you particularly like, use the colours for the decorating scheme throughout your home. This is often a great cost effective way to change the entire look of your home, while still allowing you to use your beloved decorations.

Match your Home's Colour Scheme

Focus on the colours you have in your home and select complementary colours - this then gives your whole home a seasonal atmosphere.

Colours from Nature

Do you love rustic, earthy colours and decorations? Then you can choose a more natural theme and use greens, browns and gold as your base colours. You could perhaps even create an Australian theme using native plants and flowers.

Beautiful Fabric for Inspiration

If you have a beautiful fabric that would make a wonderful centrepiece, use this to inspire your colour choice. Bring the colour hues from the fabric into all of your rooms and decorations for a unified and festive look across your home.

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