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Tips for a Fun Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is only just over a week away and you know what that means? An Easter egg hunt is about to go down. Here are a few tips to ensure a fun Easter egg hunt for the whole family.

Include Everyone

Stock up on Easter eggs to have enough for everyone participating in the hunt. There’s nothing worse than people searching and thinking they haven’t found anything because the eggs are hidden well, but from there not being enough eggs!


Make it Interesting

Don’t just leave chocolate eggs, but add in clues whether it is images or riddles for a bit of added fun. It’s a great way to get everyone working together and get so excited when they figure it out. Additionally don’t just add all the eggs in one place. Make it difficult and scatter trails for the kids to follow and end up to one large egg or even a gift Like these plush bunnies. 



Get a personalised plaque for the kids to add a unique touch to their Easter hunt. Attach a map of your home with x marking the treasure eggs the Easter bunny has left for them around the house. They will love it!

Gift Baskets

A small basket or bag helps everyone keep their eggs in one place and easily carry them around the hunt. Look at these adorable personalised pom pom baskets – available in a variety of colours!

Have Games

Set small challenges for some added competition like an egg and spoon race or obstacle course. The winner could even get a small treat.

Bunny Footsteps

Add some powdery white bunny footsteps on the floor for an adorable touch to your Easter egg hut. Easily find a print out of bunny footsteps and use flour or baby powder to place on top if it’s inside or ditch the cut out outside.


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