It may only be September, but it's not too early to start sharing the Christmas spirit with others. Some of us have been eagerly awaiting Christmas and preparing for it all year.

There are times when even those of us who are completely obsessed with Christmas struggle to find holiday cheer and could use a little inspiration, so we have compiled this list to help you find and share the Christmas spirit. After the year we have all had, we could all definitely thrive off Christmas cheer and positive vibes. With many of us looking forward to the festive season, now is a great time to share the Christmas spirit. Keep reading to find ways to start creating your Christmas memories in September.

Plan Away

Christmas cheer certainly is contagious! Take a moment to collect your Christmas thoughts and write them out onto a notepad. We know that there’s so many things to prepare for, so having them written in front of you definitely helps you to be prepared. Include lists such as guests at your Christmas feast, Christmas Gift List, and any craft supplies or décor you may need. We recommend taking your time and creating your Christmas lists one by one. Staying on top of your Christmas preparations allows you to experience a sense of achievement and joy when you can finally tick off a completed task. These lists may help you to realise that you have new guests for Christmas this year, which means you may need to add more personalised baubles or stockings to your gift list.

It’s not too early to start sending out invites to your Christmas festivity. Whether you send a group email, create a Facebook event, or even mail out physical invites, asking your family and friends to celebrate and get excited about Christmas with you is a great way to share the Christmas spirit.

Send out Christmas Cards

There really is no better feeling than receiving a Christmas card in the mail. Though your recipients may think you’re slightly crazy about Christmas, as well as posing a reminder that Christmas isn’t so far away, this is a sure-fire way to stir the excitement of Christmas inside of them and yourself. This is one thing you can tick off your Christmas list now so you won’t have to worry about it later when you’ve got plenty of other things to do.


Make wonderful memories and keep the kids entertained during the school holidays with family craft activities, such as Christmas cards and other Christmas craft. Crafting is the best way to help get everyone into the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Spirit with Kids

Christmas seems to excite most kids all year round, so why not make memories and encourage some holiday spirit with the help of children. They can start writing their own Christmas gift lists, think about what they want to give to their friends and family, and maybe even how they would like their bedrooms to be decorated.

Why not make a day out of it by getting crafty or nailing those Christmas recipes early in the year? All this excitement will certainly make them hungry, so minimise the whinging and maximise Christmas spirit by involving the children in baking some festive goodies. Since you’re probably going to need to add supplies to your Christmas craft kit anyway, craft is the perfect way to figure out what you need to order, whilst keeping the kids entertained.

Start decorating your home

Some of us might not put up our Christmas Tree until a little later, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start decorating other rooms in your home now. There are ways you can Start Decorating Your Home for Christmas in September to help you kickstart a memorable Christmas. Subtle ways to add décor to your home now can include displaying free Christmas downloads or incorporating florals.  Another great way to get into the Christmas spirit is by displaying Santa photos from previous years in Christmas photo frames.

Watch Christmas movies

While Christmas movies may not be airing on television yet, there’s plenty of other ways to get your festive film fix. With the abundance of streaming services available, there’s Christmas movies that will satisfy the entire family. Why not whip out the old DVD collection or raid your parent’s DVD stash? Make Memories with Christmas Movies by organising a regular holiday-themed movie night, or plan a one-off movie marathon, with your friends or family. If you’re not sure of which movies to start watching, you can use our list of Top 10 Festive Movies to collate a collection.

Make memories with music

We all have memories of our parents embarrassing us with their daggy dancing. You can create similar memories with your children and raise their Christmas spirit by playing Christmas carols. You can purchase Christmas CDs or use a music streaming service to find a suitable holiday playlist. Why not play Christmas music in the car, at home, or even in the office, and soon enough everyone will be singing along and embracing their Christmas spirit.

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