With many years and experience we have come to learn the secrets behind a great Santa photo for your children. Here are some tips to get the best photo this Christmas:

It is all in the Timing
•  Visit www.milestones2memories.com.au, select your nearest centre for opening times and plan your visit to suit.
•     You know your children’s routine, so choose the time of day when they are happiest. Make sure they are not tired, sick or hungry.
•     Visit during our quieter times - early in the season on a weekday is usually the quietest. If those times are not suitable try later in the day as it is often quieter than when we first open in the morning.
•     Bring a snack, a book or their favourite toy to keep them happy.
•     Feed the kids before you come so they don’t get their good clothes dirty.

The Smiling Photo
•  Stand close or behind the photographer to help get your children to smile and look at the camera.
•     Try not to put pressure on the children to smile “properly” and let the photographer get a natural smile.
•  Remember, it’s not always about the smile – it’s about capturing the memory of your child at that age.

Scared of Santa?
•  Try walking past Santa whilst visiting the shopping centre prior to your photo session. Stop and watch other children having their photo taken; even go in for a quick test-run visit.
•     Be in the photo with them. It can be a great opportunity to get a yearly family photo.
•     When placing the child on Santa’s lap back up to the throne, place them down and then move quickly out of the way.
•     Have the children sit on the throne without Santa, or let Santa pop up behind them just before we snap the photo.
•     If all of the above doesn’t work, try coming back later or on another day.
•     If all this fails, why not try a Christmas Fantasy Photo? These fun and unique photos are a great alternative to capturing Christmas without the stress of scared children. See over for details.