An official event in July promotes the perfect opportunity to gather your nearest and dearest for a mid-year celebration. But if you need a hand with pondering up some festive inspiration at this time of the year, here’s how to make the most of your efforts with our event tips for planning a Christmas in July celebration of your own.

Planning Christmas in July comes second nature to our team at The Christmas Cart. And as lovers of the spirit of Christmas, we adore the fact we officially get to delve into the festivities of Christmas twice a year! But for those who are novices to the mid-year concept, or just don’t live and breathe planning Christmas in July like we do, you may ask what are the important things to consider when planning for Christmas in July?

So, to help with planning your Christmas in July gatherings, we have put together a quick guide to get you started. For shindigs of all shapes and sizes, this go-to guide will have your back with all the things that you need for planning Christmas in July.

The Christmas Cart’s guide for planning Christmas in July

#1 The official date for Christmas in July

Unlike traditional Christmas in December, planning Christmas in July allows a little more flexibility when it comes to a date for hosting your party.

Officially, Christmas in July falls on July 25th. However, this does not mean that you are stuck to this date for official celebrations. In fact, it is perfectly fine to plan your Christmas in July event at any time during the month. And generally, you will find that a weekend suits most of your guests the best.

To work out the most suitable date to plan your Christmas in July party, just send out an expressions of interest date card to your guests first. To do this – come up with a selection of dates that work for you, then ask your guests to select the one which suits them best. Plan your Christmas in July event on whichever of those dates comes back as the most favourable amongst respondents.

#2 Set a Christmas in July planning budget

Budget is very important when planning Christmas in July. July is the start of a new financial year, but be sure to consider any other events you have set out across the year also. Do you have new funds available, spare funds available, or will you need to borrow funds from another of those events to spread out across them all?

Some items to consider when planning Christmas in July are:

  • catering – simple and relaxed or more formal? The bigger the event, generally the more costly it will be to arrange
  • décor – will you take a “less is best” approach or will you be opting for extravagance? What can you afford to budget? Are there items that you can make yourself to help with costs?
  • number of guests – do you need to cull invitations? can you invite more people?
  • venue – is your venue hire-free? will you need to hire additional furniture?

#3 Christmas in July guest list

If you need help with planning Christmas in July guest list, especially when working in with your budget, here is a quick formula I like to use:

  1. prioritise all the people who I don’t generally get to see at Christmas in December on the top of my invite list. Then cull only from the bottom of the list, if needed.
  2. once the expressions of interest have come back, give at least three (3) weeks’ notice of the actual date for your Christmas in July event
  3. request RSVP’s one and a half weeks prior to the date, allowing yourself wriggle room for following-up non-responses and time to arrange the catering and set-up for your event

#4 Where to host your Christmas in July celebrations

Much like traditional Christmas, it is generally quite acceptable to plan Christmas in July events at home amongst your family and friends. But, being that a mid-year Christmas in Australia falls in winter, remember to take this into account when planning Christmas in July celebrations. Ensure that wherever you plan to host guests for Christmas in July – make it comfortable for the cooler weather.

Planning Christmas in July at home

If you are planning Christmas in July in an outdoor area, such as your alfresco area at home, include some heating options like portable gas heaters. The Christmas Cart also has a range of fantastic themed throw rugs and Christmas cushions that can help to keep guests warm.

Planning Christmas in July away from home

If you are planning Christmas in July at a venue, or with another host, ask them how cold it gets so that you can pre-warn your guests. Do they have heating, blinds to block the cool air, etc?

* Tip: if you are planning Christmas in July events this year (especially at an external venue), be sure to keep up to date with Government social distancing laws and rules on social gatherings. You can see up to date information here.

#5 Planning Christmas in July catering

Catering for Christmas in July traditions can be quite different to December events. The weather allows opportunity for warming winter foods that are just perfect for gathering of the masses.

Some of our favourite Christmas in July winter dishes include:

  • roasts such as turkey and legs of lamb or pork
  • warm seafood options, as opposed to the cold selections more popular in summer, like stuffed, baked whole fish and steamed mussels in white wine broth
  • wet dishes like pasta, curries, casseroles and stews
  • soups and laksas
  • warm pudding desserts
  • warm apple pies and crumbles served with hot custard

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#6 Christmas in July décor

You don’t have to go to extravagance when planning Christmas in July décor (but it is completely fine too of course!). And we find that many people opt for a less is more approach just to make it different to that of the main affair at the end of the year.

If you like the concept of sticking to planning a Christmas in July winter theme, help check out our article for plenty of great ideas to Create Your Winter Wonderland

When planning Christmas in July décor, we suggest first deciding the type of event your want to host and the atmosphere that you want to create - relaxed, professional, fun, formal or whatever else you decide – and then let that guide your decorating to match. There are so many themes and fun décor pieces to choose from, for maximum impact it should compliment and co-ordinate with the type of atmosphere you want to create.

For more Christmas in July planning inspiration, tips and tricks, be sure check out our Inspiration Gallery and blog articles. And for a full range of Christmas in July decor and Christmas in July ornaments, see our online range of goodies at The Christmas Cart.