Christmas in July games is not just for the kids. Big or small, extravert or introvert. We have compiled a list of super fun Christmas in July games that all your guests can enjoy.

There are some people who take to playing Christmas in July games like a duck takes to water. Others need a little convincing. But the potential for fun and the camaraderie that games can bring remains a constant, especially when we are talking Christmas in July games.

No matter what age we are; games can break the ice, create atmosphere, or simply liven up a place. And let’s face it. There is no such thing as an age limit when it comes to playing a good game. You don’t have to have a huge budget or heaps of time to spare when planning Christmas in July games. With a few basic tools, you can muster up enough fun and frivolity for everyone.

If you are looking for a few quick ways to bring the fun to the party this Christmas in July, we’ve got you covered. Make sure you bring plenty of festive spirit and maybe just a cheeky little bit of healthy competitive spirit too!

Check out some of our team at The Christmas Cart’s favourite ways to have fun with Christmas in July games. Because after all – why should the kids get all the excitement at Christmas time?

Christmas in July game #1: Christmas Bouncer

This Christmas in July game is super competitive, challenging and only requires a few simple tools:

  • a table or flat surface (you will need a minimum of two separate spaces)
  • a large bucket of ping pong balls for each player or team
  • 8 – 10 large glasses (or similar) for each player or team. Large beer glasses work perfectly for this game

How to play:

Line up the glasses on the table or flat surface side by side in a horizontal line. Give each player a bucket of ping pong balls. On go, the player must bounce the ping pong balls onto the table/flat surface and land a ball in each of their glasses. The player who fills all their glasses first wins.

If you want to involve more people, just turn this into a relay and include more players. The next player on the team would start once the player before them has filled their glasses. Depending on the size of the glasses used, you can generally have three to four people per team.

The challenge of this Christmas in July game is both speed and accuracy.

Christmas in July game #2: This Blows

This Christmas in July game is perfect as a one-on-one challenge. You will need:

  • a flat balloon for each player
  • a table or elevated flat surface for each player
  • approximately 16 large plastic cups for each player

How to play:

Place the plastic cups upside down in a line across the table, towards the back of the table. On go, the players must inflate their balloon then use the air from the balloon to blow their cups off the table. They must keep going until all of their cups have been blown off the table. The first person to blow all of their cups off wins.

Christmas in July game #3: Junk in your Trunk

This is a Christmas in July game that will encourage plenty of laughs. All that is required for this game is:

  • an empty tissue box for each player
  • a belt or piece of ribbon/tie for each player
  • plastic Christmas baubles

How to play:

Fix an empty tissue box to a ribbon or belt (you will need to make one for each player). Fill each tissue box with the same number and type of Christmas baubles. Tie the box around the waist of the player, with the box at their back. On go, the players must shake the baubles from the box with their hips. The first person to empty their box wins.

You can turn this Christmas in July game into a team challenge by dividing players into teams and keeping score of the wins. The first team to reach a certain number of points wins the challenge.

Christmas in July game #4: Candy Hook

This Christmas in July game makes the most out of a tasty treat – candy canes! All you need is:

  • plenty of candy canes
  • a flat surface for each player
  • a large plate or bowl for each player

How to play:

Spread out a bunch of candy canes in a pile for each player (the same number for everyone). Each player must hold a candy cane in their mouth, hook end out. On go, they must race to hook the candy canes from the pile and drop them into their bowl or plate. The person with the most candy canes in their bowl at the end of the designated time is the winner.

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Big or small. Young or old. We are fairly certain that even The Grinch would find fun in our Christmas in July games.

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