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Delightfully Warming Christmas in July Drinks

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Warm your tastebuds and satisfy your tummies with some of our favourite Christmas in July drinks. Sugar, spice, and all things nice; our list has a warm Christmas in July drink perfect for everyone.

Amidst winter’s frosty grip, there is no better way to warm up your tummy, and your toes, than sipping a cup of your favourite hot beverage in front of the fireplace. And for festive Christmas in July celebrations, our warm Christmas in July drinks list has all the ammunition for creating tongue tingling sensations, sip, slam or slurpy-style! With so many delicious recipes to select from, The Christmas Cart gurus have gathered up our list of favourites for your mouth-watering, viewing pleasure.

Warm Christmas in July Drinks – Adults Only

Perhaps you will find the perfect nightcap here in the form of a warm Christmas in July drink. These beverages are made with a cheeky additive or two, so we reserve these recipes for the grown-ups only.

Christmas Pudding Cocktail

Christmas pudding and custard is an old-time favourite on our Christmas in July dessert plates, but what about switching things up for a bit of festive frivolity with a Christmas Pudding Cocktail instead.

With traditional pudding flavours as the inspiration for this tummy-warming Christmas in July drink, this recipe uses ginger beer for added spice and Grand Marnier for gentle bitterness on the palate.

See the full recipe for the Christmas Pudding Cocktail.

Image sources: Great British ChefsHouse & Garden UKThe Christmas Cart

Peppermint Twist Hot Chocolate

With a candy cane and whipped cream for garnish, a splash of peppermint liqueur and hot chocolate to satisfy the tastebuds, this warm Christmas in July drink may just be perfect for sipping back as a gentle wind down after a long day of festivities.

Check out the recipe for the Peppermint Twist Hot Chocolate.

For a child-friendly, or non-alcoholic version, you could swap out the peppermint liqueur in this warm Christmas in July drink with peppermint essence instead. That way, everyone can enjoy this perfect blend of choc peppermint in a cup.

Warm Christmas in July Drinks – Family Friendly

Perhaps sometimes you don’t feel like an alcoholic twist is for you, or you’re looking for a few family-friendly favourites to sweeten everyone’s tastebuds. Having listed a snippet of our warm Christmas in July drinks for the adults only, we want to share our tried and tested family favourites to appease everyone throughout the colder months.

Strawberry Hot White Chocolate

Yes, you read that right: a strawberry hot chocolate, which happens to look like something straight out of Mrs Claus’s kitchen. Sweet and smooth with fluffy marshmallows that melt from the heat in your cup and in your mouth – yes please! See the recipe here.

Image sources: The Christmas Cart

Golden Turmeric Chai Latte

Delicious and warm Christmas in July drinks don’t always have to be super sweet. This Golden Turmeric Chai Latte is a lactose-free indulgence to savour on a cold winter’s day, and just the thing to cap off a Christmas in July lunch or dinner feast.

Frosty the Snowman in a Hot Chocolate!

Hot chocolate is a warm Christmas in July drink that is a solid favourite amongst our team and many other families for that matter. But when you add a quirky marshmallow character perched on top of the beverage, you have the perfect warm Christmas in July drink for the little kids and kids-at-heart too. Really, how could anyone resist this cute little guy? See how to make our special warm Christmas in July hot chocolate.

This season, you have every reason to savour the moment with a warm Christmas in July drink. And while you’re at it, cherish every special moment with friends and family too. Make the most of Christmas in July because it’s not every day that we get the opportunity to celebrate Christmas together.

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