If you want to conjure up some Christmas in July atmosphere this festive season, you need to firstly make it feel like Christmas! Get the rundown on how to create the perfect Christmas in July atmosphere right here, from our team of talented experts.

So, it is the middle of the year, the new financial year, and we are smack in the frosty palm of winter. Not exactly a heap of news to be getting overly excited about, right? But, that is exactly where you may be going wrong.

Whether going large or enjoying an intimate-sized gathering, July is time for celebration – Winter Wonderland style.

As those who usually sweat through Christmas in summer, July is time to muster up your best white Christmas ideas and turn them into reality. It is the time to embrace the chill and create a snow-filled, frostbitten, but filled-with-warmth-and-love type of Christmas in July atmosphere.

From Christmas roasts and puddings on the table to decking your home or office with the best Christmas decorations you can find, you too can make a Christmas in July atmosphere with a few basic bits and pieces you probably already have.

To help get you started, our team have put together some of our favourite tips and tricks for creating Christmas in July atmosphere with limited fuss and time.

Christmas in July atmosphere – visuals

Christmas fireplace

If you love the look of an open fireplace at Christmas, but don’t exactly have one at your home, just create your own festive masterpiece. We have included two very simple ways to achieve Christmas in July atmosphere via fire below.

#1 Box fireplace

You can go all out and erect a fireplace from a few old boxes. Baby nappy boxes are the perfect size for this Christmas in July atmosphere project. Here is how to do it:

  • cover at least five (5) old boxes in solid-coloured wrapping paper
  • erect them into a fireplace mantle
  • once you are happy with the size and shape of your mantle, you can paint brickwork to the outside or stick rectangle shapes on to create a brickwork appearance
  • place your fireplace mantle against a wall and add some kindling and firewood to the middle for a more authentic look
  • finish the mantle off with some Christmas garlands and ornaments to sit on top

Image source: icreativeideas

#2 Fireplace footage

If you have limited time or don’t really favour a DIY project, light the room with the crackle and glow of a real fireplace, right from your TV. Kick-off some Christmas in July atmosphere by simply playing footage on the big screen.

Christmas tree

Large or small, you can’t have a Christmas in July without the iconic Christmas tree. If you want some tips for achieving the perfect Christmas in July tree, check out our recent article, Decorating Christmas Trees in July.

Christmas from the onset

Create Christmas in July atmosphere right at the beginning – start at the front door (or the front gate!). Welcome guests with a personalised Christmas plaque. Add a message and theme your plaque accordingly.

Personalised Christmas plaques are a great way to greet your guests before they even enter the room. Check out the range of beautiful Christmas plaques we have available at The Christmas Cart.

Christmas in July atmosphere – scents

Christmas brings about its own aroma. And depending on family traditions, this varies from household to household. In summer, it could be the scent of prawns sizzling on a heated barbeque grill and. Or it might be the smell of the salty air at the holiday home you flock to.

But, if you want to create some Christmas in July atmosphere, there are a few scents that our team seem to agree on to set the perfect scene (aside from a roast working its magic in the oven):

  • pine
  • orange
  • cinnamon
  • cloves
  • roasted chestnuts

To create Christmas in July atmosphere, light a scented Christmas candle, burn some incense or switch on an oil diffuser with your favourite winter Christmas scent and fill the room with joy.

* Tip: for some real Australiana fragrances, you might like to check out this range of Gumleaf Fragrance Oils we found online at Buckley & Phillips Aromatics.

Christmas in July atmosphere – sounds

It may not be “Christmas” but it is Christmas in July! And when there is Christmas, there are Christmas songs. No Christmas in July atmosphere would be complete without some of Santa’s favourite tunes. And in winter, we particularly like:

  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Jingle Bells (after all, they were “dashing through the snow”)
  • I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland
  • Let it Snow
  • Winter Wonderland

If you are in need of a good Christmas song list, check out the Christmas music CD’s we have available at The Christmas Cart. We have a Christmas song list perfect for just about everyone. Your favourite music streaming app would no doubt have plenty to choose from too.

There are plenty of ways you can create the perfect Christmas in July atmosphere for your festive celebrations, no matter your budget or time. However you choose to decorate and set the mood, we hope you all have a very, merry ol’ time.