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Christmas in July Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

Christmas in July gifts are a popular part of festivities for people who celebrate Christmas in July. But when you have a recipient who’s harder to buy for than a slab of concrete, Christmas in July gift ideas can become a little daunting. Our gifting gurus at The Christmas Cart have put together this helpful guide for planning Christmas in July gifts to suit even the most challenging gift situations.

If you celebrate Christmas in July then there is every chance that somewhere along the line you will have to come up with some Christmas in July gift ideas. And this is a task that is not always as easy as it seems, especially when you have “the person who has everything” to buy for.

Whether stuffing Christmas stockings full or shopping for your Christmas in July gift ideas Secret Santa-style, our team at The Christmas Cart has this covered. Check out some of our savvy Christmas in July gift ideas guaranteed to put a smile on faces this year.

Christmas in July gift ideas for the traditional

We all know these people; they dress in Santa hats and singlets at Christmas time. They turn up with their compilation of Christmas carols to play and they revel in their Christmas traditions every year. These are the people who will already have their homes plastered with Christmas décor and brimming with festive cheer. They are the perfect candidate for some out-of-the ordinary Christmas in July gifts. So, here are a few ideas.

DIY Christmas in July gifts

DIY Christmas in July gift ideas allow you to get creative by mustering up some gifts that come straight from the heart.

Homemade body scrub
This time of the year can be really tough on the skin with dry hands and dry arms and legs from the wintery wind and chill. A homemade body scrub makes a great Christmas in July gift idea, whether for male or female, and is also really easy to make yourself.

Image source: The Merry Thought

DIY body scrub recipe
• ¼ cup of carrier oil (e.g. coconut oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil)
• ½ cup sugar
• 15-20 drops of essential oil (lavender, tea tree, orange, lemon and peppermint are all great for the skin)
• optional – 5 drops of vitamin e oil

Simply mix all the ingredients together in a bowl then pack it into a jar or mason jar decorated with some Christmas bows, Christmas sprays and picks.

You can also add your own printed label if you like. For a free download of the label above, just click here.

Mani/pedi in a jar
For the Christmas lady, or anyone who likes to keep their nails neat and tidy really, create a Christmas in July gift idea with a little luxury in mind. This mani/pedi jar will be well worth the little bit of effort involved. Some things you might like to add into a mason jar include a nail polish or two, some nail clippers, nail polish remover, cotton balls, moisturiser, cuticle oil and a glittery nail file. Let your creativity shine and create your own label, we particularly like the ‘for your mistletoes’ message, and tie it on with some Christmas ribbon.

Image source: Her Campus

Hot chocolate on the go
Similar to the above, you can create a delicious hot chocolate on the go that looks the part too. This one is made using powdered sugar, powdered milk, cocoa powder and some candy canes, chocolate chips and marshmallows for extra added Christmas cheer. See the full recipe here.

Image source: Love Grows Wild

For an extra twist on the above, you could add a mini bottle of chocolate Kahlua too. Or some hand made cookies or a box of chocolates.

Your Christmas traditional will love the idea of a DIY Christmas in July gift made with effort and care. And you can be pretty sure they won’t have received the exact same gift before!

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Christmas in July gift hampers

Regardless of the contents, a hamper makes a great Christmas in July gift idea. You can fill a hamper to the brim with bits and bobs and watch your recipient’s face light up as they unwrap their box of goodies. But when talking Christmas in July gift ideas, following are a few clever pieces that you might like to include in a Christmas in July gift hamper.

Christmas ornaments
From Christmas llamas and fluffy squirrels, to cheeky Christmas elves and happy cats and dogs for the animal lovers. Small Christmas tree decorations and ornaments are great as a Christmas in July gift idea and for that extra touch of festive goodness.


No Christmas hamper is really complete without a Christmas bauble or three! Add some magic to your hamper with ornate baubles that glitter and shine. Or get personal and arrange a personalised Christmas bauble for your lucky recipient.


Or, why not arrange a personalised Christmas stocking too. Stocking packs are great hamper fillers with a matching personalised Christmas stocking and bauble.

* Tip: to create the perfect Christmas in July gift hamper, check out our DIY Christmas hampers article for specialist tips and tricks.

It’s a Christmas in July gift wrap

Remember that first impressions count. All great Christmas in July gift ideas starts at the beginning, and we call this the ‘unwrapping experience’. Whatever Christmas in July gift idea you organise for your recipient, you can make it uber-special by creating a memorable unwrapping experience. A little bit of extra effort generally goes a long way in this area.

You can find plenty of Christmas in July gift wrapping inspiration in our article here. Recycled jars, DIY paper flowers, and even t-shirts used to create the gift wrapping itself make creative ways to wrap your Christmas in July gift ideas.

Even a simple block of chocolate can make a great Christmas in July gift idea with a little extra effort made.

Image source: Elenarte

We hope these simple, yet effective, Christmas in July gift ideas help to spark some extra Christmas cheer to whoever it is that you are preparing to surprise this year. But most of all, be sure to cherish the precious time that you all have together.

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