Christmas is not far away and for those that haven't quite finished off (or perhaps have not even started!) their Christmas gift shopping, it's high time you gave it some attention.

Despite the stereo-typical perception, it is in fact possible to give last minute gifts that are unique, precious and thoughtful. We've gathered a few ideas to steer you in the right direction.

Give a Personal-ised Christmas Gift

A personalised gift will always be perceived thoughtful and it definitely is unique. Giving a personalised gift shows the recipient that you gave their gift some extra thought and time and no doubt that will be appreciated.

You might choose to give a personalised Christmas-inspired gift, like a personalised bauble, stocking or plaque.

There are many other gift items that can be personalised too such as photo frames, wine glasses, candles and more.

Give Christmas at Christmas

It's hard not to notice that Christmas ornaments, figurines and decorations are everywhere at the moment. I wonder why that is?!

Those festive and gorgeous looking pieces aren't just for decorating your own home though, they make perfect Christmas gifts too.

Choose Christmas gifts such as Christmas characters and animals that share the spirit and joy of the season and will create beautiful memories for many years to come.

Lasting Images, Lasting Memories

Photos are a great way to treasure precious memories and moments in time. Giving a gift that includes a photo is a very special Christmas gift idea.

Do It Yourself Christmas Gifts

Another way to show that you've put a little extra effort into your Christmas gifts (even if you did leave it to the last minute!) is to make or put together something yourself.

Christmas hampers are a very easy, yet personal and thoughtful gift idea. Whilst you can buy pre-made hamper packs, it doesn't take much to put one together and that way you can truly tailor it to include exactly what your lucky recipient will appreciate and enjoy.

You might also like to get creative with other DIY projects such as decorating Christmas craft baubles or making your own gifts, to give on their own or as part of your DIY hamper.

Last minute gifts don't have to be convenient and impersonal. With a little thought, inspiration and a push in the right direction you can give thoughtful and meaningful gifts this Christmas and no-one will suspect that you did it all at the last minute.

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