Giving Secret Santa gifts has become a popular tradition in many different circles. Streamlining and organising the gift-giving process in this way is great for so many reasons and has many different applications. In essence, it can help to make the process of Christmas gifting simpler and more cost-effective, whilst taking nothing away from the precious act of giving and receiving.


Many ways to give

One of the most common ways that Secret Santa plays a role in Christmas gift-giving is in the workplace. It’s a great activity to get the whole team involved in the spirit of the season.

While the practice of giving Secret Santa gifts lends itself perfectly to offices and workplaces, it really works well for any group of people who are looking to exchange gifts at this special time of year. Maybe your family continues to expand and buying endless amounts of gifts has lost its lustre, and let’s face it, it gets expensive too. Or perhaps your group of friends wants to give each other gifts to mark the occasion but the budget doesn’t stretch far enough to get something special for everyone.

No-one left behind

The beauty of Secret Santa gifts is that everyone has the joy of giving and receiving one gift that is truly appreciated and everyone feels included on a level playing field. Giving gifts in this organised and structured kind of way can help to remove some of the stress and uncertainty around what you’re planning on giving to a particular person versus what they are getting you and how much money is being spent.


Where to start with what to give

So what kind of things make for a great Secret Santa gift? Commonly there is a budget-friendly limit of around $25-$30 so we’ve put together a selection of gift options that we’d love to give and receive as part of Secret Santa. These ideas are perhaps more suited towards the office and acquaintance Secret Santa gift criteria but you might just find the perfect gift for a friend or family member too.

Give festive fun

The lead up to Christmas is the perfect time for giving fun, Christmas themed gifts. These are the kind of things that people probably wouldn’t usually buy for themselves but they are more than happy to receive and add to the Christmas collection.


Personalised items such as personalised baubles and personalised stockings make perfect Secret Santa gifts. Personalisation takes an ordinary Christmas gift and makes it something special. It shows that you have taken the time and care to go the extra mile and that certainly will be appreciated by the lucky recipient.

For the traditional Christmas lover, ornaments such as snowglobes or nutcrackers can be a truly treasured gift. And for the more light-hearted and jovial amongst us, musical toys and other novelty Secret Santa gifts are sure to be a hit.

Raise a glass

Christmas glasses and mugs are another great Christmas themed Secret Santa gift idea that is sure to be well received. Add personalisation to a festive wine glass and you’ve ticked two boxes at once!


It’s all about the present-ation

Once you chosen your perfect Secret Santa gift, you’ll need to think about how to wrap or present it too. First impressions definitely count when it comes to gift-giving.

Think about what would work best for your gift and also the type of person you are giving to. Is the gift small and delicate and requires packaging to match? Would the recipient appreciate a beautifully wrapped present complete with ribbons and bows? Or are they more the grab it out of the bag and go type. Don’t forget to add a gorgeously personalised gift tag for the final finishing touch. There’s plenty of options when it comes to presenting your present.


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