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Christmas Games to Make Wonderful Memories

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Incorporating games into the festive season is a wonderful way to make memories at Christmas time. The wonderful thing about Christmas games is that there is something for everyone – the young and the young at heart. Not only that, but Christmas games are not just for playing on Christmas Day. Find out how you can incorporate games into the entire festive season and create a whole lot of Christmas fun for everyone!

Christmas in a Box

There is no doubt that Christmas is an exciting time of the year for all of us, but particularly for children. Christmas Eve Boxes are a wonderful way to celebrate the magic of Christmas and the tradition is gaining in popularity each year. Not only is the tradition of a Christmas Eve box a beautiful thing to do with your family but having a dedicated, personalised keepsake box, to use year after year, makes the whole experience even more special.


The great thing about Christmas traditions is that they can be whatever you want them to be, and the concept of Christmas boxes are no different. You don’t have to limit the fun to just one night by only filling these gorgeous boxes for Christmas Eve.

1st of December boxes are a variation on the Christmas Eve box and a great way to get everyone involved in the festive spirit for the whole month of December. Use your 1st of December box to introduce Christmas crafts and other great activities to children of all ages. You could include craft baubles, festive costumes, cupcake recipes or Christmas games as part of these boxes. Check out our great Christmas Eve Box Ideas for the Whole Family. A lot of them are perfect to include in your box at any time in the festive season.

While the main point of a Christmas Eve or 1st of December box is to embrace the spirit of the festive season, not everything in the box has to be Christmas themed. You might include a favourite family board game to ensure that you remember to spend plenty of time together during the very busy time of year. Or equipment for their favourite outside adventure. You could make a special trip to the beach, or the park, part of your yearly December traditions. You can change up the contents and the activities as your family changes and grows too.

The Cat-in-the-Hat knows a lot about Christmas, but do you?

We place such a big emphasis on the lead up to Christmas Day but it’s important to ensure that everyone has a fun time on the big day as well. With everyone gathered together, we know there’ll be the usual food sharing and gift-giving but a great way to really get everyone interacting and doing something a little different is with some fun Christmas games. And playing festive games is the best way to unwind after a big Christmas feast!

Immerse your guests in a fun game of Christmas movie trivia, or why not play charades? You could make it friendly and fun by having no scoring system, or if your crowd is more the competitive type, make it interesting and offer a Christmas-themed prize. It’s only truly a Christmas game if only Christmas themed movies, songs, stories, and characters are allowed.

There are lots of great resources available online that take a lot of pressure out of having to organising and co-ordinate these so you can spend more time joining in on the fun!

Soak up the Summer Sun

An Australian summer Christmas is a great opportunity to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather. The kids might well want to be stuck inside with their new devices or computer games but pry them away for just a while and have some good old-fashioned outdoor fun.

It might be something as simple and impromptu as a swim in the pool or ball games in the street (only if you’re in a quiet street of course!) or the yard. If you want to organise something a little more structured, Santa could deliver a giant Jenga or Connect 4. Or what about some obstacle courses or relay races to get the heart pumping and muscles moving? They should be Christmas themed, of course! You could use coloured baubles to pass during the relay or decorate a Christmas tree as part of the obstacle course.

Whatever approach you choose, it’s sure to result in a lot of fun! There are so many outdoor games you can play to make beautiful Christmas memories and the more people that you can get involved, the better.


Pin the … on the … Christmas style!

This popular party game will lighten any Christmas party and it’s so much fun no matter how old you are. Great choices for a Christmas version could include Pin the Nose on Rudolf or Pin the Star on the Christmas Tree.

If you’re feeling crafty, you could create your own poster and noses or stars, or there are plenty of options to download or purchase these kinds of games online.


We believe that Christmas should be filled with fun and laughter, and Christmas games are the perfect way to include these important ingredients in your festive celebrations. We hope you love making wonderful memories with Christmas games as much as we do.

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