Decorating your home at Christmas time can be a lot of fun. It gives you a chance to get creative and share the spirit of the season with everyone who visits your home, not to mention creating wonderful memories for your family.

But you may pull out your Christmas decorations this year and find that some of your Christmas ornaments are in need of a bit of TLC, or perhaps they don’t suit your home’s new décor.

Well how about hitting them with a coat of paint?

Refreshing old Christmas Decorations
With a simple paint job, old ornaments can be restored and brought back to life. Some of your ornaments may have chipped or broken in storage. All you need is a primer and a spray can of silver metallic, copper or rose gold paint to make them look new again.


You can see here how after many years of being pulled in and out of storage, the Christmas tree had fallen off one of our favourite LED light up Christmas scenes and our little musical house and wooden Christmas trees were chipped and in need of a touch up. With a quick spray of primer and a couple of coats of paint in this year’s on trend colours we have transformed them.

Giving a Festive Feel to Current Pieces
You may also have some décor pieces already in your home that you aren’t using.


Here we have taken a candle holder and a wire plant terrarium and freshened them up with a coat of paint.


Then we simply added some copper seed lights, pearl bead light-up garland and displayed them with some other Christmas ornaments to create a beautiful centrepiece, all using décor pieces we found around the home.


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