The Christmas Cart

  1. Ways to Hang Your Stockings Without a Mantle

    Ways to Hang Your Stockings Without a Mantle
      As the popular Christmas story tell us “The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”. The practice of hanging stockings over a fireplace is a popular and long-standing Christmas tradition. In countries where fireplaces, chimneys and mantlepieces are commonplace, beautifully adorned mantlepieces can be found in abundance at Christmas time. Here in Australia, where the climate is generally warmer, it is not as common for our homes to have the traditional fireplace and chimney. Continue reading
  2. Best Pinterest Christmas Centrepieces

    Best Pinterest Christmas Centrepieces
    Need some inspiration for your Christmas centrepieces this year? Check out these simple and stylish Christmas centrepieces, easy enough to do yourself. Continue reading
  3. Treats Left For Santa Around The World

    Treats Left For Santa Around The World
    The anticipation of Santa coming down the chimney, or for most of us today, through the front door, makes it hard putting the kids to bed. But there’s one thing they must do before they get to sleep: leave Santa something in return for the special gift they are expecting to receive. Continue reading
  4. Top 10 Festive Movies

    Top 10 Festive Movies
    If you are a fan of Christmas traditions you probably have a favourite Christmas movie already. But, for those who have not found “the one” just yet, get your popcorn and Coke ready. Here are ten of our all time favourite Christmas movies to binge on! Continue reading
  5. 3 Yummy No Bake Christmas Desserts

    3 Yummy No Bake Christmas Desserts
    With Christmas being celebrated during the warm summer months here in Australia most of us would do anything to not have the oven burning all day and adding to the already sweltering temperature. Chilled, no-bake desserts offer a delicious alternative to traditional baked goodies. All the yumminess you want in a Christmas dessert without having to sweat it out in the kitchen! Continue reading
  6. Five Christmas Shopping Tips

    Five Christmas Shopping Tips
    When it comes to Christmas shopping the shops are crowded, the queues are long and the car park can be like a battlefield. This can really take the joy out of the festive season. So when it comes time to venture to shops you can reduce the headache by making the most of your trip. Continue reading
  7. How to Keep the Magic of Christmas Alive

    How to Keep the Magic of Christmas Alive
      There is magic in the air at Christmas time! Whether you are young, or young at heart, it is almost impossible not to get caught up in the joy and wonder of it all. Continue reading
  8. Christmas Décor Trends 2018

    Christmas Décor Trends 2018
      Christmas is a time of the year when your home is transformed into a magical space where anything is possible. When it comes to Christmas décor there are three things that are required: something that touches your heart, something new that excites you, and something you made. By using this criteria along with current trends your home will shine over the Christmas season. Unleash your creativity with our top 2018 Christmas décor trends. Continue reading
  9. 12 Days of Delicious Christmas Baking

    12 Days of Delicious Christmas Baking
      Everyone knows how the song goes; ‘on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me’… baked goods, baked goods and more yummy baked goods!! Who doesn’t love Christmas baking? Invite your family and friends around and get creative. Bake, decorate, fill your home with the amazing smells of Christmas treats and create beautiful memories. Continue reading
  10. Holiday Cherry Cordails

    Holiday Cherry Cordails
      These Holiday Cherry Cordails are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth this Christmas. Discovering the fruit and liquid cherry surprise hidden inside is like opening your gifts on Christmas morning! Continue reading