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3 Quick Tips for Thoughtful Christmas Gifts This Season

Make this Christmas a time for celebrating the wonderful people in your life and boost their spirit with some extra-thoughtful Christmas gift ideas.

Where do you head when you need ultimate inspiration for planning some thoughtful Christmas gifts? To the North Pole of course! But for those who don’t have direct access to the home of Santa Claus, you needn’t look any further than a thoughtful Christmas gift guide made by none other than our festive connoisseurs at The Christmas Cart.

Living and breathing Christmas year-round, just like the team up north, our gifting gurus have put together their expert tips for creating a list of thoughtful Christmas gifts – Santa approved! And whether you get the opportunity to physically connect with loved ones this year, or can only catch up virtually, our list for thoughtful Christmas gift ideas has tips that everyone can take on board.

3 Quick Tips for Thoughtful Christmas Gifts

Firstly, there are typically two main factors that contribute to making a truly thoughtful Christmas gift;

  1. your time
  2. the personalisation

Get the gifting gurus green light by dedicating some extra attention to each of your gift ideas and plan a list in advance to optimise your time. A well-thought-out list enables the opportunity for you to source helpful, unique or personalised gifts, and to dedicate time at the end for your gift presentation as well.

* Tip: to help plan an amazing Christmas gift list, take a look at some of our helpful Christmas gift articles and tips.

Once you have your list of recipients sorted and planned out, get started on working through your thoughtful Christmas gifts.

Recipient Wants/Needs/Likes

So, you might know who your recipients are, just like the back of your hand. But it is important to delve a little deeper and find out what each person really needs, could do with, or wants as a gift for Christmas. Don’t be afraid to ask their husband/wife, brother/sister, Mum/Dad, or other friends for some ideas too.

If you are struggling to source information, try to put yourself into your recipients’ shoes. If you were this person, what thoughtful Christmas gift could you make use of? What do you usually put off buying for yourself, above others? Would they be happy with something similar?

Below are some gift ideas to help get you started. And to put these gifts together, just create a gift hamper with one of our gorgeous, personalised keepsake boxes or DIY Hamper Gift Box Set. Add some crumpled tissue paper, shredded paper filling, or imitation winter snow as a neat little home to place the rest of the goodies into.

Pick and choose from some of the following items, depending on your budget and the demographic of your intended recipient.

Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for a homeowner

Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for a couple

Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for a female friend or Mum

Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for a male friend or Dad

  • Bunnings or hardware voucher
  • a personalised glass
  • homemade Christmas treats
  • some bottles of craft beer
  • silly socks
  • lotto ticket or scratch-it

Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for pet lovers

  • fun socks featuring their favourite animal
  • a personalised calendar with photos of their pets
  • Personalised Christmas stockings and stocking hangers
  • an ornament to display a photo of their furry friend
  • gift card for their favourite pet store
  • a hamper filled with precious treats and personalised keepsakes

* Tip: if you wanted to create a gift hamper without the personalised wooden box, our lovely gift packaging options make a great alternative.

There are lots of other thoughtful Christmas gifts that are just perfect for the home, such as plaques, snow globes and ornaments. Check out our recent article, Incredible Gifts for Any Home for plenty of great gift ideas for the home.

Present It Gift-Worthy

Presentation can often be just as important as the gift itself, especially for thoughtful Christmas gifts. Make the effort to create an air of importance with attention given to your gift wrapping. For presentation inspiration, you can Make an Impact with Beautifully Presented Christmas Gifts and find yourself All Wrapped up in Christmas Wrapping, where you will find thoughtful Christmas gift wrapping ideas, which feature many of our lovely Santa sacks, ribbons and festive gift toppers.

Christmas is a time for giving. Make your gift giving extra special this year with unique, personalised and thoughtful Christmas gifts from The Christmas Cart. Discover the wide range of Christmas gifts and keepsakes, plus an expanded range of Christmas décor, blogs to channel the festive spirit, decorating tips from our style experts, and everything you need for thoughtful Christmas gifting and beyond.