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Top Tips to Create New Family Christmas Traditions

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Sharing the joy of Christmas with your loved ones is truly magical, and family Christmas traditions play a major part in your festivities. If you’re not familiar with inventing your own traditions that will be a sure-fire hit with family members of all ages, continue reading to learn more.

The absolute best element of Christmas is celebrating and creating new family Christmas traditions. But navigating the trammels of inventing new and lasting Christmas traditions that your nearest and dearest will love can often be tricky. Keep reading to uncover our favourite ways to enjoy new family Christmas traditions.

New Family Christmas Traditions in Your Home

Make a Day of it

We all know putting up the Christmas tree can be an exhausting task, so make a day of it! Get the kids involved in gathering up all the parts, teach them how to fluff the tree, and give them free reign to placing the decorations as they please. Although it may be hard for you to relax during the final task, remember the joy on their faces trumps the unimagined outcome.

Though it’s often most prominent decoration, the Christmas tree doesn’t necessarily have to be the first decoration to make an appearance in your home. If it’s too early for the Christmas tree to be assembled in your home, there are other ways you can start creating new family Christmas traditions. Spend an entire day, or weekend, putting up personalised decorations, like hanging Christmas stockings on the mantle or hall table, or decking the halls with garlands.

Getting your whole family involved in decorating to create new family Christmas traditions is an ideal way to take some pressure off your already long to-do list.

Cooking up New Family Christmas Traditions

Use this time in the lead up to Christmas to trial your Christmas feast menu. Discover what works, what doesn’t and what those fussy eaters will actually devour. Starting now is an awesome technique to get your whole family into the Christmas spirit, and Warm Hearts (and Tummies) with Edible Christmas Gifts to Bake and Share. Impress even the grinchiest of family members by making a new family Christmas tradition, featuring loads of Christmas Kitchen Fun for All Ages.

Keep this momentum spanning more than a day by allocating a day to whip up something new every week.

New Family Christmas Traditions with Craft

If you’re really wanting to get into crafting for the festive season, but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. ‘Tis the season to be crafty’ is our mantra – and we think it should be passed onto everyone! With activities suitable for each family member, Our Best Christmas Craft Ideas Yet are certain to add elevate the warmth of Christmas in your hearts and home.

And the best part is – with our blog here to guide you every step of the way – you don’t need to be a pro crafter to add incredible DIY pieces to your home.

Your Favourite Christmas Traditions

This time of the year is when many of us experience nostalgia. It’s a wonderful moment to think back to your childhood Christmases. Are there some fun elements you wish you could partake in again? Perhaps your family might enjoy some of your childhood traditions? Or if you’re stuck on ideas to create new family Christmas traditions, your friends and family could be of assistance. Involve the kids in discovering how each of your loved ones celebrated Christmas when they were younger. Then, modernise some of these ideas into a new family Christmas tradition suited to your family.

Some of our favourite family Christmas traditions, and ideas you might like to use, include:

  • Watching Christmas movies: This is an idea many of us enjoyed when we were kids, and with a wider, easily accessible selection available now, it’s easy to show your children the movies you were brought up with, as well as some new age-appropriate flicks. In line with this idea, you could create a schedule, so each family member gets a turn to choose a movie.
  • Bring out old family photo albums or keepsakes: Creating new memories often means remembering previous fun times. This idea also doubles to find a new family Christmas tradition you may not have thought of yet.
  • Matching pyjama days with the kids: Spend an entire day in your pyjamas eating food, reflecting over old photos, watching movies, or all the above – because why not?
  • Christmas costume parade: Share some laughs and create magical memories by putting on your best ugly sweater or most creative Christmas-themed costume. Then create a runway down your hallway and may the best person win.

In with the New

As Christmas lovers, we are constantly observing Christmas trends – from decorating and crafting, to memory making, and everything in between. We’ve seen a rise in new family Christmas traditions being created by spreading an abundance of personalised Christmas decorations throughout the home.

Christmas Eve Boxes are a great start to your new family Christmas traditions. But despite the name, they aren’t just for Christmas Eve. Over the past couple of years, and this year especially, a Popular New Family Christmas Tradition trend has been family December 1st boxes. Rather than individually labelled boxes for each child, add a family name and fill with matching pyjamas, gifts, treats and trinkets for the whole family to celebrate Christmas together.

No matter your decorating theme or you household’s varying tastes, there is a range of decorations to suit each of you.

New Family Christmas Traditions in the Community

The Spirit of Giving Back

The spirit of Christmas is truly alight when we give to those who need it most. Aside from celebrating Christmas with new family traditions inside the home, use this time as an opportunity to spread Christmas joy in the community.

  • Start by culling clothing, toys, and bedding, and donating them to local organisations,
  • Set a day for the whole family to volunteer at a homeless shelter,
  • Or whilst you’re out shopping for Christmas as a family, donate a bag of necessities to Share the Dignity’s It’s in the Bag campaign.

These examples are a great starting point but remember there are endless possibilities giving back. After all, The Spirit of Giving Is About More Than Gifts.

Magical Christmas Lights

A commonality many Christmas lovers share is the fond memory of viewing Christmas lights. As children, witnessing the bright, sparkly, flashing lights and creative lightshows definitely made Christmas memorable. Commence this tradition by approaching friends and neighbours about their recommended light displays. And Christmas decorators often aren’t afraid to share images of their magical lights on local social media noticeboards. Now you’re ready to plan your trip and spend an evening or two sharing this same joy with your children.

Other than the memory-making aspect of creating new family Christmas traditions, another thing that makes them great is they’re completely customisable. Turn these new family Christmas traditions into cherished memories by creating enjoyment and building anticipation.

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