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Stunning Christmas Craft for an On-Trend Christmas

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On-trend Christmas craft projects are the perfect compliment to your Christmas décor. Featuring stunning floristry (no degree needed) and projects to appease every decorator, our decorating gurus have your tastes catered to.

We’ve had so much fun crafting throughout the year! From simplistic and elegant, to traditional and rustic, and even whimsical and bright, this year has seen a range of various trends, each with a complimentary on-trend Christmas craft project. And with lots to do until the big day, we recommend getting your on-trend Christmas craft out of the way now. So, replenish your craft kit, grab your favourite beverage, and continue reading to experience the joy of on-trend Christmas craft.

Chic Floral Urns

You might not typically associate flower arrangements as a craft project, maybe they’re something you create often enough. These floral urns fall into the on-trend Christmas craft category and are perfectly suited to our Bo Ho Glam Christmas collection. When styling Bo Ho Glam Christmas Floral Urns or floral arrangements, we used touches of glitter and various textures to add maximum impact.

The beauty of using faux flowers in your Bo Ho arrangements is, other than your decor always being on-trend, they last forever. And artificial flowers that look just like preserved ones are so much easier to work with and store away. But with how pretty these arrangements look, we don’t think you’d ever want to pack them up.

If a Bo Ho Glam Christmas isn’t exactly what you’re looking for in a floral arrangement, that’s okay. There are no strict rules to decorating for Christmas. Change it up by adding some darker shades or brighter tones of florals to create a truly unique arrangement tailored to your taste.

Think of a floral arrangement outside of a vase. There’s room to top the Christmas tree or intricately decorate your Christmas tree with various Bo Ho Glam florals.

Sweet and Whimisy On-Trend Christmas Craft

There’s just something about bright colours and candy cane stripes that make even the grinchiest of beings smile at Christmastime. This year’s on-trend Christmas Gingerbread House made a welcomed appearance in our Peppermint Candy Christmas collection.

Perhaps crafting with gingerbread typically isn’t your style or specialty, say no more. These sweet houses are made from artificial gingerbread and sweets, but we can all agree they look too good to be faux!

These light-weight on-trend Christmas craft Gingerbread Houses look incredible placed amongst other Peppermint Candy décor. Use them as part of a focal piece on a shelf, a vignette on your mantle, or scattered throughout your home for an abundance of festive cheer.

Stunning Gingham Craft

Invite some warmth into your Christmas décor with a simple yet stunning Farm Fresh Christmas Pinecone Drop Bow. This on-trend Christmas craft is so simple, you can literally add it to every furnishing in your home!

Although black doesn’t traditionally appear in Christmas decorating, we love the atmosphere this bold colour creates. Paired with red, green, and white, our Farm Fresh Christmas collection brings a contemporary feel to your rustic décor.

The versatility of this Drop Bow allows for you to hang it anywhere – and we mean anywhere. Attach to bedposts, the corners of your mantle, the top of a shelf, or even on your kitchen cupboards.

And the best part of this on-trend Christmas craft being so versatile is you don’t have to follow a rustic décor theme to create a gorgeous Drop Bow masterpiece. Use whatever ribbon, tree decorations, and picks you have on hand, and modify it to suit your Christmas decorating collection. Once you start creating these drops, you won’t want to stop.

Traditional On-Trend Christmas Craft

Would it be Christmas without Nutcrackers? Absolutely not! This year, our Christmas decorating gurus couldn’t resist creating a timeless Nutcracker Christmas collection. Incorporating Nutcrackers into your traditional décor can be as simple as placing one on a mantle or shelf, but if you’re looking to add that ‘wow’ factor, we have the perfect on-trend Christmas craft for you. Featuring a luscious, green teardrop swag, an array of ribbon and decomesh, baubles, and picks, and of course, a gorgeous Nutcracker, our Nutcracker Christmas Teardrop Swag is everything you have been searching for!

After planning the positioning of your Christmas decorations, maybe you’re wondering how you can squeeze this beauty in… Not a problem. Simply hang your stunning work of art on a wall or wreath hanger where this showstopping piece can be easily seen.

We hope you’ve had as much fun creating, decorating and celebrating as we have. If you can’t get enough of Christmas fun, join us on Facebook and Instagram as we countdown the sleeps to Christmas. Channel your inner craftsperson with the craft section of our blog, start decorating your home for Christmas, and find everything you need to celebrate at The Christmas Cart.