The best thing about Christmas is undoubtedly the precious memories that come out of such a special time. Many of us cherish these Christmas memories dearly and often reflect back on them as we approach Christmas for another year. We may remember time spent with people we see often, people we haven’t seen in a while, or loved ones we’ve lost. Regardless, the good memories we have of them are everlasting.

Christmas memories don’t always have to be about remembering people. Oftentimes, our senses and Christmas spirit play a huge role in what we remember: a certain smell may bring back memories of Nonna’s kitchen, or a festive jingle creates a nostalgic feel.

We asked our Facebook followers to share their best Christmas memories with us. As much as we wanted to include every beautiful memory, it just wasn’t possible. After the influx of responses, we had the difficult task of narrowing down our favourites, and here they are for us all to enjoy. Perhaps some might remind you of similar Christmas memories of your own.

A Precious or Heartfelt Act or Gesture

It’s that time of the year when we find ourselves getting a little (or a lot!) warm and fuzzy whilst reflecting upon Christmas memories. Particularly after the year we’ve had, you might like to use the lead up to Christmas as a time to do simple acts or gestures that help your loved ones or others in the community. These simple acts of kindness will assist in filling them with Christmas spirit.

Donna’s favourite heartfelt family tradition is hanging personalised baubles on the Christmas tree. They also hang baubles with the names of loved ones and pets who are no longer with them. She believes it brings them all together to celebrate such a special, peaceful, and beautiful time of year.

One of Caroline’s Christmas memories made us tear up! “After suffering an illness, having a child discharged from The Children's Hospital on Christmas Eve made for the most special Christmas Time ever, with lots of family and friends coming around. 🌲”

A Special Gift

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, filled with precious reflection and recollection of the memories we’ve shared, and the special gifts that we’ve received. Create more beautiful Christmas memories this year by gifting unique and thoughtful gifts. Special gifts don’t necessarily need to be personalised to make an impact – they might be considered special because they reference an inside joke or shared experience, or perhaps they are appreciated by the recipient because of their practical and useful application in their life.

Sam believes the best Christmas memories come from “giving a special gift to the one I love and watching their expression and smile light up the room”.

Fond Christmas memories can be as simple, yet beuatiful, as Amanda’s: “when I was younger, I would spend Christmas Eve putting toys together for my younger sisters with my dad and listening/watching the Christmas Eve carols on TV. Some things would take forever but it was always fun.”

A Fabulous (or forgettable!) Food Memory

We all have Christmas memories of being surrounded by delicious food and yummy treats on Christmas Day. Whether your Christmas party table spread consists of seafood, turkey, ham or fruits and cheeses, we know that food plays a huge role in making a memorable Christmas.

Kathy’s Christmas memory consists of watermelon and water fights, which she expresses made the best Christmas ever! “The smell of watermelon always reminds me of one Christmas back when I was around 8. Nan used to host Christmas each year – our extended family came from all over Australia there was at least 20 adults and kids. One year us kids were outside for hours, playing under the sprinklers, having water balloon fights, making mud puddles, and we had the best time ever! Then Nan came out with this watermelon she had cut into slices and we devoured it. Turns out Nan had burnt lunch & the adults were busy trying to prepare a traditional roast lunch, but us kids had the best Xmas ever.”

A Sight, a Sound, a Smell

Our senses definitely play a role in making Christmas memorable and magical! Seeing an array of presents under the tree, smelling delicious treats baking in the oven and listening to carols on repeat invigorates our Christmas memories.

Sam’s favourite magical Christmas memory is listening to Christmas music and putting up her Christmas tree with her little family.

Kristen’s favourite Christmas memory was also music related. She gladly shared with us about her mum, who “used to have an album, Switched on Christmas, which is like a techno version of Christmas songs. It was so bad it was memorable!! All of us used to laugh so hard at it!!! These memories are all the more special this year as we aren’t sure what Christmas will look like here in Victoria.” This precious Christmas memory elicited a comment from another Facebook user whose mum also played the same album.

Whether you make memories by giving meaningful gifts, decorating the tree, or spending time with loved ones, Making Magical Christmas Memories Doesn’t Have to be Expensive. We’d love to hear your best precious Christmas memory, so that we can all share in the joy this time of year brings!

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