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It’s Not too Late to Give Personal and Unique Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas Joy Pearl Glass Personalised Christmas Bauble Named Lucy hanging in a Christmas tree

As it is getting closer to the big day, our gifting gurus have pulled together a few quick ideas and last-minute Christmas gifting tips to help you tick off all those on your Christmas list this year. They will never suspect you left anything till last minute!

Last minute Christmas gift ideas don’t need to look like they were planned, well… last minute. In fact, it is never too late to prepare personal and unique Christmas gifts when you have The Christmas Cart as part of your gifting arsenal. We have plenty of gifts and last-minute Christmas gift ideas to ensure that no one on your list suspects you left it any later than usual.

Following are some of our top, tried and tested last minute Christmas gift ideas.

Make it Easy with Personalised Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

No matter what the occasion really, personalised gifts are generally renowned for being that bit extra-special. But when you leave it a little longer than usual to make a selection, personalised Christmas gifts are a great go-to as they portray extra effort made for your gift recipient (even if it was done last-minute).

The Christmas Cart stocks a fabulous range of personalised gifts, and we are about to show you exactly how fabulous some of these can be as last-minute Christmas gift ideas.

Personalised Baubles

At Christmastime, you can’t really go wrong with gifting a quality Christmas bauble for the tree. But bump that idea up a notch to personalised Christmas baubles, which are ideal last minute Christmas gift ideas as they are a thoughtful gift that repay their value year after year.

At The Christmas Cart, you can choose from a range of personalised Christmas baubles made from seamless, high-quality glass, or opt for a shatterproof version, which are particularly great child-friendly (or animal-friendly) options.

To package your Christmas bauble as a beautifully-presented last minute Christmas gift idea, just pop your Christmas bauble of choice into a gift box, like one of our window gift boxes with a giant Christmas bow on the top.

Personalised Gift Hamper

For a last-minute Christmas gift idea that is sure to disguise itself as anything but last minute, create a beautiful Christmas hamper for your special someone. The best thing about this idea is that you can personalise it as much or as little as you like!

To give this last-minute Christmas gift idea a real boost, start with a personalised box or container you may already have at home. Then add some crumpled tissue paper, hessian sheets, or shredded paper, and fill the box with gifts and goodies perfect for your giftee. Don’t forget to include a personalised gift or two inside the box as well.

For more wonderful personalised gift ideas, take a look at the range of last minute personalised Christmas gift ideas available at our friends at Gifts and Keepsakes.

Following are a few hamper inclusions:

  • choose some quirky drinkware to match perfectly with a gift hamper of sweet temptations or beverages
  • add a personalised cosmetic case into a hamper with makeup and face creams
  • arrange a personalised mug with some herbal tea blends or flavoured coffee, shortbread and fudge (homemade for that extra-special touch)

* Tip: for more gift hamper inspiration, see these ‘amazing DIY Christmas gift hamper ideas’.

Personalised Candle

You don’t find many people who would discard a quality personalised candle at Christmastime as anything but thoughtful. Our personalised Christmas candles are made with 100% soy wax, feature their very own glass cloche, and are scented in a choice of four delightful and distinct Christmas scents: Christmas tree, mistletoe and cedar, eggnog and candy cane.

If you are looking for a last-minute Christmas gift idea that is a popular favourite amongst many, opt for the gift of a gorgeous Christmas candle.

Christmas Ornaments for Christmas Gift Time!

Festive and decorative pieces are not just made for decorating the home, they can also make fantastic Christmas gifts (for someone else to decorate their home!). And due to the sheer number of options available at this time of the year, these are fab as a last-minute Christmas gift idea!

Some of our favourite Christmas pieces that make fantastic last minute Christmas gift ideas in their own right are below.

Light Up Musical Christmas Ornaments

In our range of musical, light-up Christmas ornaments:

We have plenty of other ornamental Christmas characters for last minute Christmas gift ideas, including Christmas birds and animals, Christmas angels, Christmas elves and fairies, Australian Christmas characters, and the very-traditional Christmas nutcrackers.

See our full range of Christmas ornaments.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas don’t have to be convenient or impersonal options. There are plenty of wonderful gift ideas that you can piece together promptly to show your gift list that you really did make a valuable effort this year.

For an amazing range of last-minute Christmas gift ideas and festive pieces that will add plenty of cheer wherever they travel, see our catalogue online at The Christmas Cart. And for a stack of other Christmas gifting ideas, including DIY and edible gifting options, visit our blog for more.