Before the Christmas celebrations kick into full swing the next day, Christmas Eve is really the time to check that list twice. Here are our Christmas Eve tips to help you celebrate Christmas without a hitch.

Most people already know that Christmas Eve is one of the busiest times of the festive season. Long before the Christmas celebrations kick off there is cooking, cleaning and last-minute gift wrapping to be done, especially if you are playing host to Christmas Day celebrations.

And, for those with young children, Christmas celebrations take on another level. The Santa Claus level!

Christmas celebrations – with children

It is pure magic to see the smile on my children’s faces on Christmas Eve. They glow with anticipation about all the festive Christmas celebrations. Here are a few things my family does to keep the magic alive.

Sacks and Magic Key at the ready

Before the little ones go off to bed, help them to lay out their Santa sacks or stockings (if that's how Santa delivers his presents in your house). Make sure Santa can find his way into the house, through the chimney if you are lucky enough to have one or perhaps with a Magic Key, so he can leave all the Christmas gifts and fill the Christmas stockings.

Feed Santa and his reindeer

Santa and his team of reindeer have a busy night of delivering toys to kids all over the world so they'll definitely need some snacks to keep their energy up. Have the kids set up snacks for Santa and his reindeer.

  1. Leave a cookie on a plate for Santa, somewhere he will find it easily. We leave ours in the middle of the kitchen bench. This cute cheese platter makes a great plate for Santa
  2. Leave some food for the reindeer. Reindeer love carrots! Find a nice patch of grass outside that is safe for the reindeer to land and leave some carrots for them. Or you can leave them next to Santa's snack with a note asking him to take them to the reindeer.

If Santa and his reindeer have enjoyed their food, there will be nothing but crumbs left in the morning. Maybe, the reindeers will leave behind some of their magic flying dust too...

Read a Christmas bedtime story

When the kids are tucked into bed, read them a Christmas story. Tell them you can smell the reindeer on their way, or can faintly hear the jingling of Santa's bells, and they had better get to sleep before they arrive!

Set your alarm

If you want to capture the magic of Christmas celebrations from early morning, set your alarm to wake up before the kids. Get your camera ready.

Christmas celebrations – with guests

If you are playing host to the Christmas celebrations, here’s a few ideas to help keep the day stress-free.

Plan ahead

  1. Prepare appetisers and finger foods ahead of time. If you don’t have the space to set them up on platters in the fridge already, store them together so you can grab them easily.
  2. Cook as much as possible before the Christmas celebrations kick off. If it can’t be pre-cooked, think about what can be pre-chopped and prepared in advance.
  3. Pre-organise the bedding, towels and extra linen for any guests who are staying overnight.

Check out our Top Tips to Prepare Your Christmas Feast in Advance for more ideas on how to get as organised as possible beforehand.

Basically, anything that can be done the day before, do it! This will provide you extra time to mingle and celebrate Christmas, instead of being stuck in the kitchen and doing errands all day. 

Christmas celebrations – travelling

If you are travelling to celebrate Christmas with family and friends these quick tips might help save you time.

  1. Load your bags and luggage into the car on Christmas Eve. This saves you running around during Christmas celebrations in the morning and missing out on all the fun.
  2. Ensure you know where you need to travel to and plan the travel time ahead; consider there may be extra traffic on the road too.
  3. Depending on how long of a road trip you have, organise some snacks for the kids or fun games to play in the car to keep them occupied.
  4. Don't forget to gather up all the Christmas gifts so you remember to take them with you.

T’was the night before Christmas… and one of the busiest times of the festive season! 

A well-planned and executed to-do list on Christmas Eve can help to ensure that your Christmas celebrations run smoothly. Once you have checked everything twice, it is time to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

For any last minute items you might need, feast your eyes on the goodies we have available at The Christmas Cart. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping and delivery to you and avoid the crowds. Hurry, there is not long to go!