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Make and Create: Bo Ho Glam Christmas Floral Urns

A key feature of the Bo Ho Glam Christmas collection is the inclusion of lots (and lots!) of gorgeous faux floral arrangements. Floral arrangements are a great way to bring plenty of texture and glamour to your Christmas decorating, and to your home décor at any time of the year really. We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to create your very own Boho Glam Christmas Floral Urns.

There is such a wide variety of florals available that it is easy to create exactly the right arrangement to suit your home décor and Christmas decorating style. Use natural looking flowers to closely imitate a real bunch, or don’t shy away from the glamorous approach and opt for plenty of glitter and unusual shapes and textures. Of course, you could combine a little of both for something really special and unique.

We’ll share our tips for how we have created our amazing Bo Ho Glam Christmas Floral Urn arrangements and we’ll show you the products that we have used, but keep in mind that it is just a guide to get you started. You can choose to copy exactly what we’ve done, or you can take the main points of the overall process and then be inspired to change it up to create something that is all your own.

Supplies List for your Bo Ho Glam Christmas Floral Urns

  • Floral oasis/foam brick – pre-cut cylinders are ideal
  • Wooden skewer
  • Wire cutters
  • Urn/vase/bowl to design your arrangement in
  • A selection of floral sprays
  • A selection of feature flowers/florals
  • Duct tape
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

Tips for Choosing Your Supplies

Urn/vase/bowl – when decorating for a Boho Glam Christmas, choosing eclectic and not-so-conventional vessels for your floral arrangements only add to the charm. Understated plain white vases in interesting shapes let the flowers do the talking, while other table decor such as unique pottery pieces or brass urns add lots of character. Pre-prepared craft supplies such as this white bowl and foam cylinder that is ready to go and just perfect for something like this.


Floral oasis/foam brick  – floral foam that has been pre-cut into cylinders are the ideal base for adding to your cylindrical vase/urn/bowl. It saves you having to try and shape it yourself from a brick shape. You can get right into the arranging gorgeous flowers part!

Sprays and flowers – make sure that you choose a selection of sprays that have various length and volume in their foliage. You’ll need some to provide the base layers and overall volume to fill the spaces between your feature flowers and a few to also add height and interest throughout. Then you’ll need your feature flowers too. Depending on your chosen vessel and the overall size and impact of your arrangement, these could be comprised from some deconstructed sprays as well as some larger individual flowers.

For this project we’re going to show you 2 different variations. One to style for a taller brass urn and one for a flatter, more bowl shaped urn.

For the tall urn we used Frosted Pine Spray with Champagne Glitter Pine Cones, Frosted Pine Spray with Single Champagne Glitter Pine Cone, Ivory Flower Blossom Stem with Gold Glitter and featured a Champagne Magnolia Flower Stem with Glitter Sequin Tips.

For the bowl we chose Frosted Pine Spray with Champagne Glitter Pine Cones, Glittered Copper Branch Spray, Pink and Champagne Flower Blossom Spray.

For both arrangements, you’ll need a lush green spray to provide the bulk of the volume and under foliage. A green mixed leaf or cedar branch spray would be perfect for this.

Make It Your Own

The charm of the Boho Glam Christmas collection is heavily centred around the neutral colour palette and of course, plenty of glamorous glitter. So when choosing your floral pieces, you don’t necessarily have to include the “expected” greenery and flowers.

Take advantage of the lovely textures and variety that is available when it comes to faux florals and include beautiful florals such as pampas and other grass inspired pieces, long fronds and big feature leaves. Add a little extra life and character with butterflies and birds.

The best thing is, if you really can’t narrow in on the few that are your favourites, you don’t have to! Go ahead and make as many arrangements as you’d like! You can never have too many beautiful pieces dotted around your home.

Let’s Get Started!

Now that you’ve chosen your favourite pieces and got together everything that you need, let’s dive in to showing you how we created our Boho Glam Christmas Floral Urns.

1. Place the Oasis in the Urn

This step will vary slightly depending on the size and shape of the vessel that you are working with. Essentially, you want to use the oasis pieces to fill the body of the urn, to as close as possible to the top edge, with perhaps a little protruding from the top.

One foam cylinder fits perfectly in the small urn. For the large urn, you’ll need to create a tower. You can do this by threading cylinders onto the skewer until the required height is reached. Then trim the excess length from the skewer so that it sits flush with the height of the cylinder. It doesn’t have to be the exact height, but you don’t want too much sticking out.

Once you have the right amount of foam for your vessel, make a loop of duct tape (with the sticky side on out the outside), press it to the bottom of the foam and place that side down into the urn to secure it to the base.

2. Time for some greenery

Starting with the greenery sprays, use wire cutters to deconstruct or remove the individual pieces/branches from the main stem.

Place the individual pieces around the sides and top of your arrangement by inserting them into the foam. You might like to add a little hot glue to the ends before inserting to make it more secure. It’s not essential to use the glue though, this gives you the option to be able to remove, reuse and restyle the pieces at another time.

These pieces will form the base layers and fill the bulk of the volume of your display, so make sure to have some flowing down and over the sides of the urn as well as up and out at graduating levels and heights. As you place them, think about where you might want to position your highlights and feature florals and leave room for those.

3. Add Colour and Glam

It’s time to add some colourful florals and gorgeous texture.

For the small urn, as we did with the greenery sprays, deconstruct the flower sprays to create individual pieces and scatter them through the greenery at different heights and positions. Consider height and position and allow for different stem lengths to help with this when you are cutting the pieces.

Add even more variety to the texture and colour palette with glitter pinecones and and branches. Again using the same process of deconstructing the larger sprays into smaller pieces to work with. Making sure that you have maximum height and variation through the layers of your display is the best way to showcase all the individual pieces you have used that all contribute to the overall impact.

For the large urn, it is a very similar process in deconstructing and adding floral sprays and pinecones. Because it is a bigger vessel you can really amp up the volume and texture.

We used both small and large glitter pinecones and a gorgeous glittered magnolia as the featured flower.

4. And You’re Done!

And there you have it – 2 gorgeous Bo Ho Glam Christmas Floral Urns. All that is left to do is to find the perfect place to display them in your home, and then sit back and enjoy the beautiful warmth and glamour that you have created and brought to your home.

Christmas craft, especially floral arrangements, is a simple way to add maximum impact to your home décor, whether it’s during the festive season or any time of the year.

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