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Make it the Best Christmas Ever

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Cook up the best Christmas ever this year by getting ready ahead of time. Here’s 6 helpful tasks to do now that will get you on track.

There is no doubting the fact that life can often resemble that of a ride in Santa’s sleigh on a windy night. And no one is certain yet, whether the flight path to Christmas this year will be straight forward, up and down, or blown a little off course. But what we do know is, no matter what plans the universe has, we can be assured that Christmas will be here again this year. And this year’s presents will be enough reason to make it the best Christmas ever!

Family time, catching up with friends, a chance to unwind, and seeing the delight on the faces of little ones on Christmas morning (whether in-person or via a virtual catch-up); these are just some of the ingredients for cooking up the best Christmas ever.

There is no need to wait for an official Christmas countdown either, because we are already into the pointy end of the year. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and the birds and bees are about to start getting very busy (as will all of Santa’s helpers!). So, get yourself and your household ready for Christmas by ticking off some of these festive to-do’s now.

6 Ideas to Do Now to Help Make it the Best Christmas Ever

#1 Refresh Your Outdoor Spaces

This is a renowned time of the year to get busy with “Spring cleaning”. To help make it the best Christmas ever, embrace springtime for the cleaning season that it’s so famously pinned for.

With the weather warming up, but not hot enough yet to avoid hard work outdoors, seize the chance to give a spring clean and tidy to those outdoor areas that might get a workout during the holiday season. Why not pot a few new plants (indoors or outside) so they bloom beautifully in time for Christmas. Gurney the paths, re-mulch the garden, and trim the plants and trees to make sure they are ready to hang your Christmas fairy lights.

#2 Check Your Décor and Christmas Decoration Stash

When Christmas is done and dusted many people just pull down the Christmas tree and pack away their décor and tree decorations into a box for next year. And that’s fine. Except, when it’s time to break out all that Christmas décor again and you realise the cheap baubles are sun faded or broken,  and half your tinsel is in tassels, you really should have invested in some quality shatterproof Christmas decorations that last more than just one season.

To avoid any last-minute running around this year (or to avoid the shops during the peak holiday rush), check your Christmas stash to see if there is anything that needs to be refreshed, revamped, or purchased over again.

If you decide to have a new Christmas décor theme this year, what items will you need to pull off the new look?

Make it the best Christmas ever and easy for yourself by using our Inspiration Gallery for plenty of Christmas décor themes. Get inspired by a:

#3 Plan Your Christmas Gift List

The experts are warning shoppers this year, buying gifts may not go as streamlined as you had hoped if you leave your purchases too close to Christmas. And Australia Post has confirmed that parcel deliveries are already surging to heights not seen during Christmas 2020. Delivery delays could lead to stock shortages in store, as well as shipping delays in the post. Thus, we recommend using the time available now to start planning the best Christmas ever by sourcing those Christmas gifts and goodies for your gift recipients!

Avoid a budget blowout by setting a firm spend amount for each of your recipients. A budget helps to make sure you don’t get carried away making purchases that you can’t really afford or don’t really need. To assist with your budgeting, there are many gift list apps you can download from the app store on your phone for free.

To help take some pressure off the costs for Christmas gifts, you could consider using some of the rewards dollars that you may have accumulated throughout the year. These points can be cashed in at various places, both in-store and online. Alternatively, why not make your own gifts or use a mix of homemade and store-bought gift ideas.

* Tip: for some DIY Christmas gift inspiration, take a look at these Christmas craft ideas to give as gifts.

#4 Share Some Goodwill

Perhaps you can make it the best Christmas ever for someone else this year by sharing some goodwill. Whether it’s a slice of your time to volunteer, a donation to a charity or a cause close to your heart, or simply helping someone with a kind gesture. There is a special power in the spirit of giving and helping others without expectation to receive anything materialistic in return. If there is anything that you have to offer, no matter the shape or the size, you might like to consider paying forward a kind gesture this Christmas.

#5 Check in With Loved Ones

Maybe there are special people in your life that you have not seen for a while, why not plan a virtual Christmas catch-up. Make a date and send them an invitation. On the event date, encourage everyone to don some special Christmas attire, dial in online, and enjoy conversation face-to-face (and maybe a virtual spritzer or two). No matter where you are in the world, technology makes it generally possible to catch-up with anyone.

#6 The Christmas Catering

Lastly on our list of ideas to do now for the best Christmas ever – and one of our most helpful tips – use the time to plan your Christmas catering!

If you want to be a savvy spender, now is the perfect time to start sourcing ingredients for Christmas catering. Remember, you can freeze most meats now to defrost and cook at Christmas time. Keep a watch out for sales on meat, pudding ingredients, nuts, biscuits, sweets, and other treats that will last for Christmas and New Year festivities.

An alternative to preparing an entirely new enticing menu is to revamp the recipes you attempted for Christmas in July festivities. Reflect back and ask yourself: Was it a hit with the family? Was it easy to prepare? Is there anything you should do differently for Christmas?

If you are the likely host of some festivities over Christmas, don’t forget to plan seating and serving space for all your guests too. Do you need extra storage for food or drinks (eskies, etc)? Extra platters for food, plates, and cutlery?

Make it the best Christmas ever by having all your Christmas catering planned and your home under control, well before festivities sneak up.

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