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Impress Your Guests with Memorable Christmas Desserts

Christmas Trifle Recipe with raspberry red and gold star placed beside

Warm up your tastebuds and get ready to bake, whip or mix up a sweet storm with our favourite compilation of memorable Christmas desserts.

After a Christmas feast is savoured (or devoured if your Christmas guest list is typically anything like mine!), it is only fair to share some satisfying, tastebud tingling, memorable Christmas desserts with your crew too. Because, who doesn’t love a good stint of sugar or spice to cleanse the palate, right? And we know, when it comes to dessert – there is always room for more!

Perhaps you need some catering inspiration, or are finding it tough to get through the brain fog of endless Christmas recipes available right now. Well, we have all you need for creating an amazing array of memorable Christmas desserts, right here.

Giant Iced Vovo Cake

Blending a popular biscuit with meringue, raspberries, and a tasty coconut vanilla cake recipe, creates a memorable Christmas dessert that looks just as good as it tastes. This Iced Vovo Cake is pretty in pink and delicately delicious!

For more information, see the full recipe for the Giant Iced Vovo Cake.

Raspberry Brioche Pudding

Reinventing a dessert that has been around for so long, this Raspberry Brioche Pudding provides a modern twist on a bread and butter pudding recipe. Not only a very memorable Christmas dessert option, you can even enjoy the flavours of this pudding for a sweet breakfast treat too.

See the full recipe for the Raspberry Brioche Pudding.

Banoffee Pavlova Bites

We don’t think there are many people around who can resist the amazing combination of caramel, banana and cream; as is famously known as ‘banoffee’ in dessert terms. But when you team it with another Aussie delicacy, you are well on your way to creating memorable Christmas desserts that offer crunch and a flavoursome punch! Here we present a very simple recipe and the perfect partnership – Banoffee Pavlova Bites.

See the no-fuss recipe for Banoffee Pavlova Bites.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

When you come across a dessert that not only tastes great but colour matches with the occasion too, you are definitely onto a good thing. These Red Velvet Whoopie Pies well and truly make a memorable Christmas dessert option with their fluffy, red cake outer and delicious cream cheese filling.

See how to make the Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

Baileys Cheesecake Ball

Okay, this recipe had us at, well, Baileys Cheesecake! A memorable Christmas dessert made for the grown-ups only, as sometimes we just need to treat ourselves for a change (sorry kids, we’re not sorry).

The Baileys Cheesecake Ball is a creamy combination of chocolate, nuts and fruit, all combined with the tasty flavour of Baileys of course. You can create this masterpiece ahead of time too, which makes it even better for fitting in with other Christmas preparation requirements when you are squeezed for time.

See the full recipe for the Baileys Cheesecake Ball.

Santa Hat Brownies

The kids will love helping to create these cute bite-sized brownies for Christmas. With a winning combination of strawberry and chocolate, they make a memorable Christmas dessert option as they are just made for the Christmas table! Who could resist something that looks this sweet?

Image source: Best Recipes

See the recipe for the Santa Hat Brownies.

Christmas Trifle

As a memorable Christmas dessert option for both flavour and the ease of making it, we love this easy-to-master Christmas Trifle. Bursting with colour and the flavours of tasty, fresh fruit, this is a dessert recipe that was just made for an Australian summer Christmas.

Image source: Best Recipes

See the full recipe for this Christmas Trifle.

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