What’s Christmas without a little bit of sparkle? And if you are partial to more than just a little sparkle, then our Christmas Sparkle collection is for you!

This glamorous collection is all about Christmas décor that glitters and sparkles. It creates an elegant and stylish feel that is modern, yet still unmistakably Christmas.

The name of this collection pretty much says it all. Think “Christmas” and think “sparkle” and you are already half way there. Here’s the other half of what you’ll need to know so that you can create the Christmas Sparkle theme.


Keep the colours simple

Keeping to a strict, and simple, colour pallet of red and silver is an important part of achieving this elegant look.

Don’t hold back, this style is all about lavish elegance. Squeeze in as much sparkly red and glittery silver as you can handle!


It doesn’t take a lot to get a really great effect though. The hints of red and silver in this table setting really pop against the neutral charcoal and white base.

It’s all in the detail. Gorgeous embroidered cushions continue the elegance and add a touch of comfort too.

Add interest with a variety of textures and shapes

There are so many gorgeous red and silver decorations and décor items to choose from. The great thing about this theme that as long as it is red, silver and glitters or sparkles, then its in! There is no need for it to only be certain types of animals or floral styles or specific shapes and textures. The more variety and sparkle you can add, the better! This means that you may be able to easily create a Christmas Sparkle theme by using a lot of decorations that you already have and then simply adding some new interesting and glittery highlight pieces.

This deluxe beaded red flower is a great example – red, sparkly and interesting.

Add a little bit of classy disco fun with this silver glitter berry spray.

Don’t forget a nod to the guys who will do all the heavy lifting on the big day!

These red and silver florals are just some examples of how you can really add a lot of extra interest and texture to your Christmas Sparkle theme, particularly on the tree. From the rough, angular shape of the pinecones to the soft and delicate petals of a flower, and everything in between.

Get crafty

Using just a few key pieces, it is really simple to create stunning red and silver DIY décor for your Christmas Sparkle theme.

See how we created this DIY Chandelier and Sparkle Tree Topper.

Sparkle with personalised décor

Amongst all the glitz and glamour it’s important to remember what Christmas is really all about. Make your friends and family feel extra special by including these personalised baubles, stockings and place cards in your décor. Expertly finished with our exclusive glitter hand calligraphy these items will feel right at home alongside all the other sparkles and glitter. Not to mention creating truly unique keepsakes to be treasured for years to come.


Christmas Sparkle is all about glamorous and elegant Christmas style. Let your imagination create a red and silver world of glittery sparkle and joyous wonder.

Watch this video to see how we created Christmas Sparkle and don’t forget to visit our Inspiration Gallery to find out more and shop everything you’ll need.