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Final Décor Touches for Maximum Christmas Cheer Everywhere!

Boho Glam Christmas Rose Gold Glitter Feather Spray in Vase and Velvet Pink Deer with Jewels Sitting and Standing

It is almost time to host the swarm of family and friends who will be visiting this festive season. So now is the time to put the finishing touches to your Christmas décor ideas. Get started with our 6 secret spots that can add festive impact around your home.

By now, you probably have your Christmas tree with all the Christmas tree decorations standing proud in some well-loved area of your home. And those with a snippet of festive excitement may also have that tree surrounded by gifts and goodies too. But often, it’s the intricate detail that makes massive impact.

Aside from all the décor that is hung and the festive arrangements that you have strung, here are 6 more Christmas décor ideas that can help achieve maximum festive cheer everywhere!

The Christmas Cart’s Secret Christmas Décor Ideas that Help Achieve Maximum Festive Cheer

We have saved some of our biggest inside tips for lucky last. Following are our Christmas décor gurus’ simple ideas for creating festive cheer throughout the entire home. Have you thought of these places yet?

#1 Wet Area Spaces

Not really a place that Santa will pay a visit on Christmas Eve, however the bathroom (or the amenities) is certainly one of those places that is likely to get a workout by friends and family visiting over the holidays. You can kit out the bathroom and wet areas just as you would any other area of your home.

Depending on your Christmas theme, or that of your home, you might like to use some of these Christmas décor ideas that are ideal for a wet area.

Sand and Shells

Make a simple Christmas candle décor piece by placing some sand into the bottom of a mason jar, add some small shells then a tealight candle. Wrap the jar with some Christmas ribbon (our champagne and braided ribbons are perfect) and place it on the benchtop or a shelf. For maximum impact, surround your Christmas candle with some greenery Christmas sprays or a garland of greenery if space permits.

Alternatively, you can hang some beach-inspired Christmas tree decorations, like our range of starfish and shells, along the top of your bathroom window, bathroom mirror, or dangled from the ceiling as a cute Christmas mobile ornament.

For another Christmas décor idea with sand and shells, simply fill a couple of Christmas craft baubles in a similar fashion with sand and shells, or small pieces or driftwood, and place them around the room. Or add these to your Christmas mobile ornament to hang from the ceiling also.

Hang a Rope Ladder

Hang one of our natural wooden rope ladders from the side of the shower and arrange some cute Christmas characters to sit on it, like our calico Christmas mice or Christmas birds.

#2 On the Doors

As we mentioned above, your amenities are an area likely to have visitors over Christmas if you are playing host to any festivities. And the door of such area/s is another space where you can hang some festive cheer! Make it very easy on yourself this close to the main event by making use of a DIY wreath kit.

You can place a Christmas wreath on any door of the home, anywhere you think might get some traffic over Christmas.

#3 Glorious Garlands

Garlands make wonderful Christmas décor ideas as they are one of the most versatile pieces you can have laying around. You can fill many bland and empty spaces with a garland. Hang them on a railing inside the home; along the pool fence in your alfresco area; twisted up the chain of a pendant light; or simply run them along the centre of a table for decorative impact.

* Tip: for maximum impact on a table, wind a garland around a few Christmas ornaments that coincide with your Christmas theme. Mix and match the height of the ornaments to create depth and more interest.

#4 Welcome the Walls

When it comes to Christmas décor ideas, walls make great spaces for adding festive cheer too. You can choose from simple Christmas posters in a frame, 3D Christmas wall art, or personalised plaques and signs that include a special message to your guests.

* Tip: for some FREE Christmas wall décor ideas, see our ‘Christmas print’ downloads.

#5 Christmas Bunting

If you have a walkway or doorway that gets plenty of attention, you can draw even more attention to the space by hanging some Christmas bunting for a Christmas décor idea with added festiveness. Bunting also works great strung up in a patio area or at the top of a front door or entry door.

#6 Take Home Cheer from the Table

One of the places where everyone congregates for Christmas dinner, can you ensure that all your guests take home a little piece of festive cheer from their day at yours, with a personalised keepsake. You can do this simply by adding a personalised Christmas bauble or Christmas decoration to each place setting for your guests, along with a bon bon of course.

Is your home really festively ready for everyone this year? These simple and high-impact ideas are sure to have the festive cheer free-flowing in your home. Now, the countdown is on, so let’s get to it!

For a massive range of Christmas décor ideas that will add plenty of Christmas sparkle to your home, see our wonderful catalogue online at The Christmas Cart. And for plenty more Christmas décor ideas, please take a look at our Inspiration Gallery.