Take your Christmas décor to the next level with Christmas plaques and signs. See how to add instant impact to your festive decorative efforts with these clever and simple ideas.

No matter what theme you choose for your décor this festive season, Christmas plaques and signs are the perfect way to enhance the spirit of Christmas in any room.

Hang Christmas plaques and signs on the walls, place them atop a table decked with beautiful Christmas ornaments, or liven up your Christmas table. You can use Christmas plaques and signs to set the tone, bring some fun, direct guests, and convey your Christmas messages with flair and finesse.


To showcase just how great Christmas plaques and signs can deck the halls from top to toe, we have listed some of our favourite festive ways to use Christmas plaques and signs as an integral part of any Christmas décor.

Deck the Halls with Christmas Plaques and Signs

You don’t have to put in a massive effort to make your home look festively amazing this Christmas. As little as they may be, Christmas plaques and signs can have massive impact and boost your Christmas decorating efforts ten-fold.

Christmas Messages and Information for Guests

Christmas plaques and signs can help to make guests feel welcome, provide directions and display any messages that you would like to convey, whether practical and logistical, or emotive and sentimental.

#1 A Welcoming Sign

For instant cheer, greet your guests with a welcoming Christmas sign or plaque:

* Tip: for a fun and cheerful idea, see our DIY wreath kits that allow you to make your own decomesh wreath for the front door


#2 Tell Them Where to Go with Directional Signage

If you are hosting festivities at any time over the holiday period, Christmas plaques and signs may be helpful to direct guests. Venues on large properties, renovated houses and venues where the entry may have been altered, or people who have not hosted before, are all perfect candidates for directional signage.

Steer guests in the right direction by creating some Christmas signs and plaques to:

  • tell guests where to park their car (aka “sleigh parking”)
  • direct guests to the entry (e.g. if you are hosting in an external marquee or at another part of the house to where they are used to)

Think of some creative ways to use Christmas plaques and signs as directional help for guests.

Personalised plaques are a great option for creating custom directional signs. Choose a style to complement your Christmas decorating style and add your desired text.

#3 Other “To-Do” Messages for Guests

You can’t expect people to know what you haven’t communicated to them. Particularly when you are hosting, amongst all the other things that you are doing, you also can’t be expected to remember to tell every guest all the little things you’d like them to know or do to make the festivities run a little smoother. You can make this easier on yourself, and your guests, with some Christmas signs and plaques. Simply convey any messages for your guests in the form of a lovely Christmas plaque or sign. For example, you might like to use a sign for “Please take off your shoes”, “Leave your eskies here”,  or “Christmas gift table”.

Christmas Plaques and Signs for the Christmas Feast

Avoid the guessing game or having to put yourself on repeat. Create buffet table cards to display the name and details of each dish on your table of Christmas goodies. This is especially helpful if you have guests that have specific dietary requirements such as gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.

Signs, or place cards, are also perfect on your Christmas dining table to let people know where they should sit sit (if you want to dictate that, of course).

 You could use specific place card holders to display them, or get creative and use items to match your theme, such as gorgeous pinecones or a floral pick or spray, or attach them to a beautifully folded napkin.

Decorate with Christmas Plaques, Signs and Wall Hangings

Christmas plaques and signs aren’t just for practical purposes. Feel free to reinforce and complement your festive decorating theme with plenty of Christmas-themed signs and wall hangings for no other reason than it looks amazing!

The simple and effective message of Merry Christmas can be presented in many colours and styles.


Free Christmas Downloads are a great was to liven up your Christmas space. Frame and hang them on their own or as part of a bigger wall display, or add a selection of Christmas ornaments, Christmas animals and characters and table top trees for a stunning mantle or side board arrangement.

* Tip: for more hanging Christmas décor ideas, see our article ‘deck the halls and ceilings from above’

Christmas plaques and signs are a simple, yet highly effective way to add maximum impact and interest to your Christmas decorating as they allow you to extend the visual festiveness to every available surface. What’s not to love about Christmas plaques and signs?!

For plenty of Christmas inspiration and decorative ideas, see our online inspiration gallery and blog, full of tips and tricks to make planning your Christmas festivities a delight.