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Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Children of All Ages

Forget what you think you know about typical Christmas stocking stuffer ideas. We’ve got ideas and inspiration to lift your stocking stuffing efforts to new heights this Christmas.

The commonly accepted premise of “stocking stuffers” seems to be that they are small, often inexpensive, bits and pieces whose purpose is to literally fill the empty space around the usually larger and main gifts in a Christmas stocking.

At The Christmas Cart we don’t necessarily agree with that line of thought. We believe that there’s no reason that every gift lovingly placed in a stocking can’t be valuable and treasured. That doesn’t mean they have to be expensive by any means. But why not use every inch of space in those lovely stockings to give special gifts that are thoughtful and have meaning?

Don’t get us wrong, there is still very much a place for novelty pieces and fun and games amongst your Christmas gift giving, but we wanted to get you thinking that there are many ways to “stuff a stocking”.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone

The other myth we want to dispel while we’re here, is the perception that stocking stuffers are just for the little ones. People of all ages have their Christmas stockings proudly hung in anticipation on Christmas Eve and so it follows that each and every stocking needs filling with beautiful gifts and keepsakes just as much as the next, regardless of how old the recipient might be.

And so with that in mind, here’s our top Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Children of All Ages.

A Personalised Stocking to Stuff

Let’s not get a head of ourselves. Before you can proceed with stuffing a stocking full of goodies, you first need said stocking! Personalised stockings from The Christmas Cart are just perfect for stuffing.

Choose from a wide variety of designs, styles and colours to best suit the recipient and/or the Christmas decorating theme in their home. There’s bright, colourful and fun as well as traditional and on-trend too. Personalised in your choice of glitter colour, using our unique style of glitter hand calligraphy, personalised Christmas stockings are the ideal starting point for your Christmas stocking stuffer ideas and gift giving.

You’ll need somewhere to hang these gorgeous stockings too, so don’t forget to grab some stocking hangers too.

Much like the stockings, we have a variety of stocking hangers designs to compliment your stockings and other Christmas décor.

These Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas are Personal

There’s something special about receiving a gift with your name on it. Not only is it a precious keepsake to be treasured for many years to come, but receiving a personalised gift is made even more special because it means that someone has put extra time and effort into planning and preparing that particular gift, and that in itself says a lot.

Personalised gifts make great Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for anyone and everyone. Whether they are the elegant and stylish type, traditional and classic or colourful and fun.

Personalised Baubles to Treasure

For a stocking stuffer idea that will keep giving year after year, a personalised bauble is just the thing. Warm hearts and bring a smile to your special recipients face each year as they proudly hang their very own bauble on the tree. With a wide variety of colours, materials, designs and finishes there is sure to suit everyone, no matter their personality or Christmas decorating style.

There’s plenty of bright, colourful and fun designs – whether a simple coloured bauble, with a colourful Christmas character attached or beautifully hand painted.

As well as delicate and stunning glass baubles, discs and hearts too.

Tree Decorations to Delight

Baubles are not the only thing that you can personalise and hang on a tree. Personalised tree decorations are another great Christmas stocking stuffer idea.

Tree decorations don’t have to be personalised though. Add a thoughful Christmas tree decoration to any Christmas stocking to share, and give, the spirit of Christmas even more deeply. Beautiful ballerinas, gorgeous gumnut elves, Australian wildlife friends and colourful candy canes to name just a few.

It’s All a Bit of Fun!

Christmas is all about having fun, enjoying each others company and having laugh. Ensure there is plenty of happy faces with colourful, cuddly and fun Christmas stocking stuffer ideas. Stuff stockings with plush toys, festive headbands and gorgeous gift packs, like this one with an elf shelf sitter and character bauble, then stand back and watch the infectious smiles pass around the room.

Re-think Your Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

One person’s Christmas stocking stuffer idea is another person’s 1st December Box (or Christmas Eve Box, or Advent Calendar) contents.

All those somewhat “traditional” Christmas stocking stuffer ideas still very much have a place in Christmas traditions and celebrations. Whether you choose to put them in your stockings – or perhaps if the stockings are now overflowing with all your new, great Christmas stocking stuffer ideas – you can incorporate Christmas-themed pencils, stickers and other fun and festive supplies and activities into your existing Christmas traditions such as 1st December Boxes, Christmas Eve Boxes or Advent Calendars.

It might not have been your initial intention for the “stocking stuffers” to steal the gift-giving show, but by giving thoughtful and unique Christmas stocking stuffer ideas this Christmas, you might just find a shift in how stocking stuffers are given and received amongst your family and friends.

The Christmas Cart’s online store has everything covered for your Christmas gift giving and decorating needs. Visit the Inspiration Gallery and read the Gift articles on our blog for plenty of inspiration and ideas and then get busy filling your virtual sleigh with Christmas goodies.