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Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Festive First Impression

Prettly Little Christmas Silver Glitter Sequin Bird Clip and Silver Glitter Ball and Leaf Picks

Take your Christmas gifting efforts up a notch this season with some easy and inspiring Christmas gift wrapping ideas. It’s a wrap – these gift wrapping hacks will have your recipients at hello.

In many instances, first impressions count – there is no doubting that. And when it comes to Christmas, we generally spend plenty of time and effort pondering over the perfect gift for our friends and families, so why not create a great first impression with the gift wrapping of those goodies too!

Our team of gifting gurus are about to demonstrate how you can transform a gifting experience from ordinary to extraordinary with some wonderful and very user-friendly Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

Tag It Terrific

Good Christmas gift wrapping ideas should also include a terrific tag. And rather than sticking to a regular gift tag, you can mix things up a bit by including a personalised Christmas decoration too. Our personalised wooden tree decorations look fab tied onto a gift with some Christmas ribbon or string. Just add a simple sticker under to say who the gift is from, and wallah – the perfect way to address a gift right here!


Package It with Some DIY Inspiration

Creating DIY wrapping paper is a Christmas gift wrapping idea that not only personalises a gift even more, it is a fun activity that the kids will love to get involved with too (and perhaps keep them out of your hair for a tad – winning!). Get your creative on with a combination of stamps, stickers, pencils, paint, coloured paper, brown paper, glitter, and plenty of Christmas ribbon. Then create some Christmas wrapping paper that is extra-special with its own personalised touch.

* Tip: for more fun craft ideas, see how to ‘give your kids a memorable Christmas with Christmas craft’.

Have Fun with Christmas Ribbon

No Christmas gift wrapping is really complete without some Christmas ribbon. We have already mentioned some simple ribbon ideas, but you can bump it a notch and create a winning Christmas gift wrapping idea with a few of these clever hacks also. All it takes is to think outside the package a little… Christmas ribbon can be more exciting that a knot and a twist.

To make it really easy, go for some Christmas ribbon already styled into a fabulous bow to place on your Christmas gift wrapping. The Christmas Cart stocks a wonderful range of Christmas bows that you can select from. See our full range of Christmas bows and tassels that are available for delivery to your door!

Spruce it Up

Instead of creating super-fancy gift wrapping featuring bold ribbon, you can use some more subtle ribbon or twine and spruce it up with Christmas sprays and picks. Create a truly unique and special gifting experience by finishing off your wrapping with a co-ordinated floral or pick featuring berries and glitter.

Christmas bells also look amazing presented on the top of Christmas gift wrapping.

Use Different Textiles

Whoever said that Christmas gift wrapping ideas had to include paper? Well, actually… not us! In fact, we love thinking outside the norm when it comes to Christmas gift wrapping ideas. And you can also make packages look super-impressive without the inclusion of too many embellishments and adornments too.

Try sourcing and using alternatives to standard ribbon options that will help to dress up your Christmas wrapping. What can you create with fabrics such as hessian sheets, decomesh rolls, tissues or lace? Perhaps you will be more inspired with decorative tape, cut or folded paper or foam sheets, arranged and wrapped on the box to look like ribbon.

Another perk of wrapping without paper is the sustainalibilty of it. Since hessian can be reused for decor, gifting, and other w0onderful crafts, you can encourgae your recipient to think about this aspect.

Knock Their Sacks off

When all else fails, a Santa sack makes the greatest Christmas gift wrapping idea too. And you simply can’t go wrong for a festive first impression with our personalised Santa sacks, perfect for kids (and grown-ups) of all ages.

Create more than just an impression with your Christmas gifts this year. Start from the outside and create Christmas gift wrapping ideas that make the best festive first impression, right from the moment they arrive in the hands of your recipient! After all, your gifting efforts are well worth it.

For a range of excellent Christmas gift wrapping ideas and Christmas craft supplies, take a look our online store at The Christmas Cart. We have everything you need to create great first impressions, including plenty of décor and Christmas decorations for around the home too.