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Beautiful Christmas Memories with Inspiring Advent Calendar Ideas

Advent Calendar Header with numbers and white colour with mini house and tree

Not fussed on the idea of an advent Christmas calendar just yet? Check out some of these inspiring advent calendar ideas that might just have you sold.

The original tradition of an advent calendar heralded from religious ceremony in Germany back in the 1800’s. But today, advent calendars have become a very popular, fun and exciting way to count down to Christmas and to spread some festive cheer, regardless of faith.

Coming a long way from the standard, but much-loved, ‘chocolate behind a cardboard door’ concept, these days there are many other inspiring advent calendar ideas that can help make the Christmas countdown an exciting and memorable event for everyone; not just the chocolate lovers.

So, where do you find these inspiring advent calendar ideas? Just like that, our crafty Christmas peeps at The Christmas Cart have packaged up some of our top inspiring advent calendar ideas to get your clan involved with this year. And with these ideas, you can forget any concept that advent calendars are just for kids too. Just a few snazzy alterations mean the popular Christmas tradition can easily be tailored to suit those big kids as well.

Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar

Share the kindness of Christmas spirit with others by creating a Christmas kindness advent calendar. Each day, instead of a physical treat, uncover a kind gesture to be completed at home or out and about in the community.

Image source: Etsy, The Christmas Cart

Some ideas that you could include in this calendar might be:

  • put a card into their letterbox to thank a neighbour for their amazing display of Christmas lights
  • help cook dinner
  • make your bed
  • give each of your family members an extra hug today
  • make a donation to a charity cause (such as The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal or Share the Dignity)

This inspiring advent calendar idea is great for helping to teach children positive habits by swapping the focus from chocolates and treats to acts of kindness and connection instead.

* Tip: if you would like some help creating a kindness Christmas advent calendar, you might like to take a look at some ideas from Kidspot.

Mindfulness Advent Calendar

In such a busy time of the year, it’s even more important to take care of ourselves in order to remain balanced and focused. The mindfulness advent calendar is made with precisely this in mind – to help create a sense of calm and encourage a little self-care in the lead up to Christmas.

To craft this inspiring advent calendar idea, just draft 24 mindfulness activities and exercises that will help relieve any end-of-year pressure or stressors. Think about simple and practical exercises that you know would be possible for you to do. Some examples might include:

  • do 2 minutes of meditation
  • enjoy a relaxing bubble bath with candles
  • practice healthy eating for a day
  • drink a minimum 2 litres of water today
  • go for a 5-minute walk outside

Image source: Happy Active KidsThe Christmas Cart

When you create this inspiring advent calendar idea, remember to be mindful of the materials you use to create it as well. Make use of recycled materials or upcycle items that you might already have, such as toilet paper rolls, the cardboard from old tissue boxes, or little bags made from spare wrapping paper dangled from a twig.

Book Worm Advent Calendar

We love this inspiring advent calendar idea for children particularly as it encourages them to get into the spirit of Christmas by reading fun Christmas stories. A quick visit to retailers like Big W or Booktopia online will show just how many wonderful Christmas stories are available at this time of the year too.

Just wrap each book in some Christmas paper with a number to uncover for each day of the Christmas lead up. You can store the books in one of our gorgeous Christmas keepsake boxes or a DIY hamper gift box set to make a lovely organised display.

Image source: All About Learning Press, The Christmas Cart

Traditional Countdown Advent Calendar

You can make it super simple for yourself by choosing our personalised felt Santa Christmas advent calendar for your family. Use this to count down the days to Christmas, and if you would like to include treats, treasures or tasks of any kind, amp up the excitement by wrapping and placing them into a Christmas box or basket as a daily lucky dip. This is a fun and exciting way that you can get the family involved.

Alternatively, turn this inspiring advent calendar idea into a treasure hunt filled with small Christmas gifts and treats by giving the kids a clue to a treasure to be found each day.


Advent Calendar House

For something quainter, our wooden birdhouse craft kit makes a great advent calendar idea. Fill it with Christmas treats and goodies to use as a lucky dip for the kids. And for the countdown? Paint a chalkboard graph on the roof of the little house to tick off as the days are counted down.

You can transform this inspiring advent calendar idea into a table centrepiece or mantel display too. Craft our birdhouse into a Christmas house, a gingerbread house, or how about creating Santa’s workshop!

Advent Calendar Whiteboard

For a very easy and inspiring advent calendar idea, look no further than a whiteboard. Our cute whiteboard advent calendar allows space to write tasks to be ticked off as Christmas approaches and is perfectly decorated with plenty of Christmas cheer.

Other Inspiring Advent Calendar Ideas

Further from those above ideas, you can also find plenty of other inspiring advent calendar ideas to suit an array of demographics. How about:

  • an advent calendar for tea or coffee lovers – trial different coffee pods or herbal teas each day
  • a beauty advent calendar – uncover beauty face treatments, manicure and pedicure aids, body lotions and scrubs
  • an advent calendar for the little builders – see all those available this year by LEGO

You can purchase pre-made advent calendars featuring these goodies, or simply craft your own using one of our methods above. The fun is up to you!

Our Christmas gurus believe that inspiring advent calendar ideas are a wonderful way to bring the magic of Christmas into every home.

If you need some inspiration for your Christmas treats and goodies, we have a range of wonderful stocking stuffers and craft supplies that are ideal for making your very own advent calendar. Check out our fully-stocked online store and find more inspiration through our blog.