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8 Best Secret Santa Gifts for your Friends and Colleagues under $30!

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Whether for work or for family and friends at home, find all the Christmas gift inspiration you need right here at The Christmas Cart. Start off with these Secret Santa gifts under $30.

Secret Santa gifting is a Christmas tradition that has become quite popular in workplaces and throughout many family homes as well. Designed to uphold the spirit of gifting at Christmastime, hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange can help to boost the spirit of Christmas by getting everyone involved and encouraging camaraderie during the festive season.

As fun as a Secret Santa gift exchange can be, we also know there are some people who are just better at gifting than others. So, to help take the pressure off the situation, our gifting gurus at The Christmas Cart have put their heads together and created a list of 8 of the best secret Santa gift ideas for under $30. And if this is not your desired budget, we find that Secret Santa gifts under $30 is a price range that is simple enough to tweak. Just use these Secret Santa gifts under $30 as a gifting guide, then either take a little bit or add a little bit as you need. Now, let the countdown begin!

10 of the Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $30

Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 – Make it Personal

Personalised Baubles

People generally appreciate a gift that features their name professionally scribed. But it is always more magical at Christmastime when that writing is done with glitter – it is a sparkly touch of festiveness that makes us feel unique.

With a variety of colours and styles available, personalised baubles make great secret Santa gifts. Featuring a name and year added in glitter calligraphy, our personalised baubles are not only beautiful decorations and great Secret Santa gifts under $30, they make lovely treasured keepsakes too.

Personalised Decorations and Ornaments

As another personalised option for a Secret Santa gift under $30, why not consider a personalised Christmas decoration. Take a look at our wonderful range of decorations and personalised ornaments available at our online store; from whimsical elves, to festively dressed reindeer, as well as light up ornaments to make your Christmas décor sparkle.

Aside from a Christmas bauble or decoration, you can give a Secret Santa gift under $30 that has a personal connection to your secret Santa recipient.

Personalised Drinkware and Gifts

Between our online store at The Christmas Cart and our friends at Gifts and Keepsakes, you can choose a personalised beer glass for your recipient to unwind with their favourite beverage, a quirky personalised novelty gift, a beautifully personalised mug for all-important caffeine top-ups throughout the day, and a huge array of other gifts that can be personalised with a name for a Secret Santa gift under $30.

Image source: Gifts & Keepsakes

Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 – Officially Convenient

Do you remember a time when you needed to put a stopper in your beverage bottle, but couldn’t remember if you had a bottle stopper? Or there was a nice cold beverage waiting to be opened? Chances are the recipient of your gift has experienced these situations too. That’s why a corkscrew and bottle stopper set make great Secret Santa gifts under $30. As an added bonus, you’ll be spreading a little Christmas cheer at all times of the year when your festive-themed barware is put to good use.

Stylish Dining

If your secret Santa recipient is expecting company over Christmastime, then gifts they can use as part of their festive entertaining endeavours are sure to be a hit. The best gifts for a Christmas host are those they can bring out every Christmas.

One of the above sets and a Christmas platter or charger plates come in under a $30 budget, minus shipping costs. Then all you need to do is adorn this delightful set in some impressive gift wrap and it’s ready to go!


Candles make wonderful Secret Santa gifts under $30 because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love candles? Add some personalisation to the task and you have a gift that is perfect to display during and after Christmas for around the home. For some gorgeous personalised candles, we recommend taking a look at the range available at Gifts and Keepsakes.

Photo Gifts

The gift of a memory truly is the best gift of all. Place your giftees’ favourite photo in a festive frame. Surprise your secret Santa at work and make their Christmas especially jolly by leaving this gift on their desk for them to notice. The look on their face will be an absolutely priceless one.

The Gift of BYO (buy your own!)

Maybe you’re the kind of gift giver who prefers for the recipient to choose their own gift. Gift cards are a great choice for giftees you’ve attempted to – but simply cannot – settle on the perfect gift for. Whether you’re relatively close with them or not, find out where their favourite place is to shop and give a gift they will definitely use! There are plenty of gift cards available these days that are able to be spent at multiple stores, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting it “just right”. Rather than gift vouchers for retail stores, think about whether your recipient would enjoy a voucher to their favourite coffee shop or lunch time café.

All Wrapped Up in a Secret Santa Surprise

Since many of these gifts fall under the $30 mark, you could place a combination in a hamper basket, gift box or bag. A small gift box or bag will only set you back less than $4, which leaves you plenty of money to splurge on a meticulously planned secret Santa gift! Your secret Santa workmate will cherish their gifts neatly placed in a gift box and finished with a bow or personalised name tag.

For plenty of gift-wrapping tips and ideas, see how we get All Wrapped up in Christmas Wrapping. After all, first impressions really do count.

* Tip: for more helpful insights into Secret Santa gifts under $30, take a look at ‘our guide to giving great Secret Santa gifts’.

Participating in secret Santa is a fun Christmas tradition, but one which there is no need to choose something over-extravagant or expensive to impress your recipient. Instead of spending money on an item that will be discarded straight after the event, just keep it simple and thoughtful. Then you will be well on your way to arranging the best Secret Santa gift for under $30!

Christmas gifting is easy with the help of The Christmas Cart’s online store. You can find all the Christmas gifts you need in the one place, with delivery straight to your door. And whilst you are at it, browse our range of amazing Christmas décor too. Find plenty more gifting and decorating ideas in our blog and Inspiration Gallery.