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5 Ways to Revamp Your Favourite Christmas Décor

If you are short on budget, short on time, or just short on ideas this year, check out these 5 easy ways to revamp Christmas décor to make your home look fabulous!

It may not always be possible to buy brand new Christmas décor each year, but it is possible with a few clever tricks, to revamp your old Christmas décor from pre-loved to re-loved. And the best part? As much as we love new Christmas goodies and decorations, revamping Christmas décor can produce a highly bespoke look for minimal outlay and actually not that much effort at all.

Our decorating gurus at The Christmas Cart have put together these 5 easy ways to revamp Christmas décor for a festively fab home.

The Christmas Cart’s Top 5 Tricks to Revamp Christmas Décor

#1 Repaint

For Christmas décor that is looking a bit tired or drab, the paint is chipped or flaked, or the colour is just not you anymore; try revamping that Christmas décor with a new coat of paint. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Most timber products come up best after a quick sand first. But as long as the original paint is not peeling or overly damaged, for longevity we recommend using a paint primer before applying a top coat.

Ceramic or resin ornaments can typically be spruced up with just a simple spray paint to give them a completely new colour or look.

Image source: Hello Glow, The Christmas Cart

It is possible to change a colourful nutcracker, or a light-up Christmas scene ornament, into a monotone hero. Transform a reindeer wall hanging into a glittery, shimmery show-pony if that’s the look you wish for. There are endless paint colours and endless choices when it comes to re-painting to revamp Christmas décor.

Christmas picture frames, lanterns, wall hangings, candle holders, vases and Christmas ornaments are some of the more popular Christmas décor items that can be revived and revamped quite easily with a re-paint.

* Tip: for ultra-finesse, don’t forget to refresh any trimmings on your décor pieces too. Christmas bells, bows, ribbons or beads can often be removed and replaced to give your Christmas décor a complete once over.

#2 Repurpose

You can create some really interesting pieces by repurposing an old item into revamped Christmas décor. Think about some bits and bobs you might already have around the home or Christmas décor that is already in your stash and how fab that could look revamped. See below a few quick ideas to showcase how effectively this can be done.

Scatter some ornate Christmas baubles, or place an assortment of Christmas ornaments, onto a simple platter for instant table décor. To create more interest through depth and height, just add a Christmas candle in the middle of the platter, or a simple table top Christmas tree. And if you have space available, wrap a garland around the edge of the platter.

If you are going for a winter-based Christmas theme, how about repurposing a pair of old ice skates into revamped Christmas décor. With a floral arrangement protruding from the once frost-bitten boots, this can make a real winter Christmas showpiece!

To represent the infamous Santa Claus, gumboots are another great option as a repurposed, revamped Christmas décor idea. If you don’t like their colour, or if the boots are looking a little “worn”, remember you can spray paint them any colour you need. Add an arrangement of twigs and seed lights, candy canes, sprays, picks, florals, gift box ornaments, or whatever else appropriate that you have on hand.

Image source: Pinterest, The Christmas Cart

#3 Re-Cover

You can revamp Christmas décor with new fabrics and textiles quite easily by adapting our re-cover method. Following are a few examples for inspiration.

Table top Christmas trees can be given a new fabric base with burlap or another material of your choice, by simply re-covering the old base. Just wrap, tie with some Christmas ribbon, and you’re done.

As one of the most common décor pieces at Christmas, if you want to revamp your Christmas décor, start with wrapping a bauble or three. Take a look at these simple revamped Christmas décor ideas. Using fabrics, beads and embellishments, we like to call these Christmas baubles 2.0.

Image source: Pinterest, The Christmas Cart

Empty boxes that are beautifully wrapped in paper with Christmas bows and ribbons can also look fantastic as revamped Christmas décor

Instantly revamp your Christmas décor with new cushion covers too. Go for plenty of character and colour with cushions featuring Christmas characters and quotes. Or simply change the colour of your cushions to coincide with the rest of your Christmas décor theme.

#4 Refresh

A general clean and tidy is sometimes all that is needed to revamp Christmas décor and bring it back to new. Products like Brasso, boot polish, stain and furniture wax, can often work more magic on your décor than Santa’s elves do on Christmas Eve. Dust, polish, wax and shine can help to refresh items and bring them back to life.

Flowers can be a great way to refresh Christmas décor too, with a special ability to boost volume, texture and colour. Typically, an inexpensive option, you can revamp Christmas décor by adding a few Christmas florals to your Christmas tree or fixed to the back of your dining chairs in pretty Christmas posies.

Refresh a tired Christmas wreath with new florals, inserts of freshened greenery, and a new plaque with a Christmas message. And if you have owned the same garland for years, refresh it too by adding some new green pieces, artificial birds, florals or berries.

* Tip: as the perfect floral accompaniment for an Australian Christmas, see our range of gorgeous native Australian floral sprays.

#5 Restore

These following typically require more time and effort than some of our other ideas, but they’re a great way to add plenty of character and interest in your home this Christmas and throughout the year.

Restore or transform an unwanted or tattered chair or stool into revamped Christmas décor. What a perfect place to display your Christmas plush toys and seasonal cushions too!

Restore a Christmas lantern by adding a lantern swag to boost texture, colour and impact!

Restore your Christmas tree by adding a new Christmas tree skirt to the base for some instant revamped Christmas décor.

Repaint, repurpose, re-cover, refresh and restore are 5 easy ways to revamp Christmas décor with minimal fuss and cost, but with maximum impact.

The Christmas Cart is the place to find all your festive craft needs and gorgeous home décor. With year-round access to the blog and Inspiration Gallery, now is the perfect time to get started on revamping your Christmas décor!