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10 Best Secret Santa Gifts for your Workmates under $30!

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If you’re looking to feel inspired for an incredible secret Santa present to give in your workplace, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, you can find secret Santa gifts that fit into your Christmas budget! Whether you’re the kind of gifter who focuses on giving memorable, personal, or handmade gifts, there’s plenty of gifts that fit the bills and any recipient is sure to cherish. We’ve put together a list of 10 of the best secret Santa presents around.

Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 – Make it Personal

Personalised Baubles

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love to see their name written in glitter. No matter who they are, or what they might say, there is something about receiving something with that personal and sparkling touch that makes us feel sooo special. And is it really Christmas without some sparkly glitter?  With a variety of colours and styles available, personalised baubles make especially great secret Santa gifts for any recipient. Add their name and a year in glitter calligraphy to give them a beautiful decoration and treasured keepsake.

Personalised Decorations and Ornaments

Maybe a personalised bauble isn’t quite the thing for your secret Santa gift, but you’d still like to give your workmate something a little personal and festive too. Personalised Decorations are perfect for the secret Santa giftee who believes that Christmas is all about having fun. There’s a variety of decorations and ornaments available on our website, from whimsical elves, to festively dressed reindeer and intricate wooden designs.

Personalised Drinkware & Gifts

Take the time to find and gift something that has a personal connection to your secret Santa giftee. Whether you’re searching for a personalised glass for them to enjoy their favourite beverage after work, a quirky personalised money box to save for their next big adventure (or maybe attempt to curb questionable habit!) or a beautifully personalised mug for endless caffeine top-ups throughout the day, Gifts & Keepsakes offers a range of drinkware and gifts which can be personalised with your secret Santa gift recipient’s name.

Image source: Gifts & Keepsakes

Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 – Brass & Pewter

Secret Santa gifts don’t necessarily need to be personalised in order to be thoughtful and well-received. Your workplace might celebrate secret Santa with Christmas gifts that are given and received via a ticket or random selection approach and so a gift with more widespread appeal is in order.

Officially Convenient

Every avid Christmas gift giver believes you can never have too much stationery! Do you remember a time when you needed to take down important notes, but couldn’t remember where your notepad was? Or there was an important letter you had to open? Chances are the recipient of your gift has experienced these situations too. That’s why memo pads and letter openers make perfect gifts for any workplace! As an added bonus, you’ll be spreading a little Christmas cheer at all times of the year when your festive themed stationery is put to good use.

Gifts for Home

Secret Santa gifts don’t just have to be useful at work, they can be a special gift that your workmate benefits from in their own time. They’ll certainly appreciate a beautiful candle to display as part of their Christmas décor, or bring some festive cheer to a plain set of keys with a jewelled pewter keyring.

Stylish Dining

If your secret Santa recipient is expecting company over Christmastime, then gifts they can use as part of their festive entertaining endeavours are sure to be a hit! The best gifts for a Christmas host are those they can bring out every Christmas. A brass or pewter bottle stopper and corkscrew set and a glass Christmas platter totals under $30, minus shipping costs. Then all you need to do is adorn this delightful set in gift wrap you already have at home, then label and it’s ready to go!

In case your workplace partakes in the randomised version of secret Santa, this delicate set also doubles as a beautiful generic secret Santa gift.

Secret Santa Gifts Under $30 – Something Special

Photo Gifts

The gift of a memory truly is the best gift of all! Place your giftees favourite photo in a festive frame or snow dome. Surprise your secret Santa and make their Christmas especially jolly by leaving this gift on their desk for them to notice. The look on their face will be an absolutely priceless one!

Secret Santa Surprise

Since many of these gifts fall under the $30 mark, you could place a combination in a hamper basket. A small rectangular basket from Kmart will only set you back $3.50, which leaves you plenty of money to splurge on a meticulously planned secret Santa gift! Your secret Santa workmate will cherish a basket of gifts neatly covered in cellophane and finished with a bow.

The Gift of BYO (buy your own!)

Maybe you’re the kind of gift giver who prefers for the recipient to choose their own gift. Gift cards are a great choice for giftees you’ve attempted to – but simply cannot – settle on the perfect gift for. Whether you’re relatively close with them or not, find out where their favourite place is to shop and give a gift they will definitely use! There are plenty of gift cards available these days that are able to be spent at a selection of multiple stores so you don’t have to worry too much about getting it “just right”. Rather than gift vouchers for retail stores, think about whether your recipient would enjoy a voucher to their favourite coffee shop or lunch time café.

Wrapped Up

Finish your workmate’s secret Santa gift by placing it in a coordinated gift bag or metallic gift box, depending on the size. Be inspired to beautifully wrap your gifts and embellish with simple touches, get all wrapped up in Christmas wrapping. After all, first impressions really do count.

Undoubtedly, if you are an organised Christmas gift giver, much of your Christmas gift shopping will be finished by now. Participating in secret Santa is a fun Christmas tradition, and probably one that you have budgeted for. But remember, there’s no need to choose something too extravagant or expensive when it comes to your secret Santa gifting. Keep it simple and thoughtful, instead of spending money on an item they will most likely keep stashed away. With this list of tips, it’s easy to be the best secret Santa gift giver in your workplace!

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